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More than 200,000 Citizens Ask Secretary Salazar for Real Protections for Polar Bear’s Arctic Home

More than 200,000 people sent Interior Secretary Ken Salazar a holiday gift of thanks today for proposing critical habitat for the polar bear throughout much of America’s Arctic. However, these same concerned citizens also asked Secretary Salazar not to make things worse for the beleagured species – listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act in May 2008 – by allowing risky and aggressive oil and gas development to move forward in the lands and waters that polar bears, scores… Continue reading

Take the Polar Bear Pledge!

As we enter the holiday season, our thoughts turn to family, friends and loved ones who share our lives. We hope that you will also think of the amazing wildlife, birds, fish and plants that share our planet. Polar bears are an iconic symbol of the holiday season. They are stars of commericals and on the cover of greeting cards. Unfortunately, that is the only place they are thriving. Polar bears are endangered because their sea ice habitat is literally… Continue reading

Oil and Polar Bears Don’t Mix

By Liz VanDenzen, Director of Field Operations, Alaska Wilderness League BP might be the only oil company that’s glad that all eyes are on Copenhagen this month… Last week, BP reported its second oil spill in four days on Alaska‘s North Slope. News reports indicate that the first of these spills is one of the worst ever in North Slope history. As a result, BP now holds the dubious honor of earning the gold and silver medals for oil spills… Continue reading

What Copenhagen Means for Endangered Species

The fate of the world’s wildlife and wild places may rely on what comes out of the international climate change talks that begin today in Copenhagen. We’ll be watching closely at what actions the United States and other nations take at the talks and in the following months. Today, the Obama Administration announced that greenhouse gases pose a significant threat to public health and safety and the EPA will start to regulate carbon dioxide and other harmful global warming pollutants.… Continue reading

Pacific salmon in hot water

Warmer temperatures and altered stream flows increase the struggle of Pacific salmon by Steve Toub Part 1 of a series on the Endangered Species Coalition’s report “America’s Hottest Species“, 11 endangered species impacted by climate change. Pacific salmon struggle to swim hundreds of miles to return from the ocean to the freshwater streams where they were born. But this struggle pales in comparison to external threats, which have led to a severe decline in Pacific salmon populations. Five populations of… Continue reading

America’s Hottest Species Report

What is at stake for America’s endangered species as decision-makers gather in Copenhagen and Congress debates a climate bill? Our new report, America’s Hottest Species, demonstrates how endangered species in our country will be impacted by global warming. We profile 10 endangered species to serve as ambassadors and demonstrate the ways in which global warming is harming our treasured wildlife and wild places. The report profiles the Kaua’i Creepter, Elkhorn Coral, Bull Trout, Canada Lynx, Pacific Salmon, Leatherback Sea Turtle,… Continue reading

Your Choice for America’s Hottest Species

Today is Blog Action Day to help combat global warming. To celebrate, we are announcing: America’s Hottest Species: The Polar Bear! Our nation’s wildlife, birds, fish and plants are feeling the heat from a warming world. We need to spread the word about the importance of protecting wildlife and wild places from the impacts of climate change. The Endangered Species Coalition is working to safeguard species in a warming world. As part of our campaign, we are preparing a report… Continue reading

White House Report: Climate Change Killing Species

The Obama Administration released a report last week that stated unequivocally that global warming is happening now and impacting our communities, our health and our natural resources. It also confirmed that climate change is already having impacts on animal and plant species throughout the United States. The report, Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States, finds that: About two-thirds of the world’s polar bears are projected to be gone by the middle of this century. It is projected that… Continue reading

Wolverine sighted in Colorado for first time in 90 years

Today, the Wildlife Conservation Society announced that they have tracked a wolverine into Colorado, marking the first time the animal has been found in the state since 1919. The wolverine, named M56, is a young male that was captured in April in Grand Teton National Park. Scientists have been tracking him with a radio collar for the last 2 months as he’s traveled roughly 500 miles. The sighting comes at an opportune time for the wolverine, as USFWS is reconsidering… Continue reading

Ask Congress to Protect Our Natural World from Climate Change

In the next few weeks, Congress will vote on an energy and climate change legislation called the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009. It sets a first ever cap on global warming pollution and helps reduce the impacts of climate change on our communities, our health and our natural resources. This bill is a good first step, but needs to be strengthened. Ask Congress to defend and strengthen the American Clean Energy and Security Act. Go to… Continue reading