Gray wolves around the United States have just begun to recover after being driven from the nation’s lands in the mid-twentieth century.  See how wolves are doing in your state and what you can do to protect them by clicking on the map below.

Wolf Map

Sign the Wolf Recovery Vision

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, call for the return of the wolf to its rightful place in the North American landscape, and we call upon the FWS to protect wolves as an endangered species until they are fully recovered.

We envision the following standards of recovery for wolves in North America:

Restoration of wolves in suitable habitats across North America, from the Northern Sierra Madre Occidental in Mexico to the Canadian Rockies, and from the U.S. Pacific Northwest and California to the Upper Great Lakes, the Northeast, and the Southeast.

Protection and restoration of all suitable wolf habitats and the crucial corridors that link these habitats together, at the local, regional, and continental levels, allowing wolves to roam freely across a network of interconnected wild lands.

Restoration of wolves in ecologically and evolutionarily effective populations so that they may fulfill their natural keystone role of ecosystem regulation, aiding the continued diversity of native flora and fauna.

Increased social acceptance and appreciation by humans for the role that stable wolf populations play in reestablishing healthy landscapes across North America.


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