Passport to Discovery

Using the Passport to Discovery

The passport (.pdf) is designed so you can post signs with species information around your event and have visitors go around and learn about these unique species.

Step 1. Fill out the Passport signs (.pdf) with information pertaining to an endangered species at your site.

Step 2. Place signs around your venue at the corresponding species.

Step 3. Hand out the passports  to visitors and encourage them to find the signs throughout the event and fill in the passports. There are nice sections in the passport that can be filled in. In the passport there is a section for a stamp. If you have ink-stamps available, have people stamp their passports or stamp/mark the passport when they return as a way to confirm the information they filled in.

Step 4. Once the passport has been completed have the visitor return to the table to receive a prize, such as a sticker, activity book, etc.