Art Gallery

Now Exhibiting the 2014 Saving Endangered Species Youth Art Contest Semifinalists

More than 2,000 young artists from throughout the country entered the 2014 Saving Endangered Species Youth Art Contest.

Visit the ESC Art Gallery here to see the grand prize winner and grade category winners, along with other semi-finalists.Thank you to everyone who participated All who took part are eligible to download and print a participant certificate. (.PDF).

Grand Prize Winner: Amy Feng, Sea Otter.

Grades K-2: A tie with Aidan Peter, Kirtland Warbler and Sarah Cao, Sea Turtle.

Grades 3-5: Melody Lin, Sea Turtle.

Grades 6-8: Brandon Li (who is also the contest runner up), Sonoran Pronghorn.

Grades 9-12: Franny Lin, Loggerhead Sea Turtle.

To view a slideshow of all of the semi-finalist artwork, click the Play button below.

You may also see this artwork on our gallery page by clicking here. (Clicking on the link in the slideshow will take you to a general page of Endangered Species Coalition photos.)