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2 comments on “Flying Too High: Migratory Birds and Climate Change

  1. I’m interested in your position on the effect wind-farming has, or will likely have, on migratory birds. I live in Southeast Kansas where the Bald Eagles and Golden Eagles have increased remarkably, over the past three years. Also, we have a large Red-tailed hawk, duck, crane, goose, and Blue Heron population (both migrating and nesting), in the area as well.

    Within 2-3 months, we are about to have more than 130 wind turbines, each with a height of more than 600 feet, erected within a relatively small area (approximately 30 miles by 50 miles – primarily portions of Allen and Neosho counties). It’s my understanding that these 600+ foot tall turbines will be the tallest ever erected anywhere.

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