2019 Stop Extinction Challenge

The Trump Administration is in the process of finalizing attacks on the Endangered Species Act that could devastate already imperiled plants, fish, and wildlife for decades to come. The stakes could not be more serious.

Our chance to show the Trump Administration & Congress–and the Senate most importantly–that there is overwhelming support for maintaining the Endangered Species Act is this August. The Senate will be on recess and senators will be back in their home states holding events and meeting with constituents.

On August 16th, activists of all ages will show up at local offices in force to deliver an in-person message supporting endangered species during our 2019 Stop Extinction Challenge.

The Endangered Species Act has successfully saved 99 percent of listed plants, fish, and wildlife from the irreversible plight of extinction for more than four decades. The law works to an unparalleled degree and is a global benchmark for the seriousness of national commitment to conservation. It is imperative that its safeguards are maintained as the pressure of human activities and climate change take an unprecedented toll on plants, fish, and wildlife.

The Senate could pass legislation that addresses key threats to endangered species–and every visit to every office counts. Even historically “friendly” senators need to hear that their constituents see and support their pro-endangered species votes.

Join the Stop Extinction Challenge and commit to visiting your senators’ nearest office on August 16th. We’ll be there every step of the way to help you prepare for this visit.

Already joined? Find a how-to-advocate video, talking points, and other materials at endangered.org/getready