Stop Extinction Challenge

What is the Stop Extinction Challenge?

The Stop Extinction Challenge is one of the Endangered Species Coalition’s most important and impactful annual events. Every year, we pick a single day in August to hold the Stop Extinction Challenge. On that day, people from across the country meet with their members of congress to advocate for threatened and endangered species. These meetings demonstrate the depth of public support for critical legislation like the Endangered Species Act and let our elected officials know that we need a renewed commitment to our nation’s wildlife. 

The next Stop Extinction Challenge will be held in August 2021. 

Why should you participate? 

Because we are currently experiencing a devastating mass extinction event caused by human activities, and a deadly global pandemic caused by the exploitation of wildlife in illegal trade and trafficking. The importance of conservation, and protecting threatened and endangered species, has never been more clear. 

And we know that meeting with our elected representatives works. When elected officials hear that constituents like you are taking the time to show up to a meeting to speak, they listen closely. Coming to a meeting and telling your members of congress how much you value wildlife and the laws that protect them is one of the most valuable actions you can take as an activist. 

Finally, it’s easy! After you sign up, we connect you with an experienced meeting leader and a team of other concerned citizens. Additionally, when you sign, you receive talking points and fact sheets to help you prepare; the opportunity to attend specially designed  “How to Lobby” trainings; and a free, limited-edition Stop Extinction Challenge t-shirt! 

What has the Stop Extinction Challenge accomplished in the past? 

Stop Extinction Challenges in the past have often pushed members of congress to introduce or support key pieces of wildlife legislation. Take the 2019 Stop Extinction as an example. On August 16th, 2019, hundreds of constituents participated in 77 meetings with Senate district offices around the country. We all asked our elected representatives to protect the Endangered Species Act from the Trump Administration’s damaging rollbacks and take action for endangered species. In part due to our powerful, coordinated, nationwide show of support, members of congress introduced the PAW & FIN Conservation Act a month later to restore and safeguard the Endangered Species Act. 

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