William Snape

Power of Sense



bill in arizona 2013
The author, Bill Snape, in Arizona

The struggle to hear

Means understanding

Petty platitudes

On what we should fear


The loss of species

Society please

Stop fellow critters

From falling off trees


Don’t get endangered

Don’t be beleaguered

Are you listening

Or fake glistening


Dare to be different

Risk chance of glory

Define own beauty

Proudly tell a story


Open eyed beauty

Backyard loyal doves

Sing lose miasma

Embrace inner love

beach boy 2012
Bill Snape at the Jersey Shore


Breaking free of past

Respecting what lasts

Grasping a feint heart

Ready from the start


Destiny unknown

Fate quite perilous

Some cannot atone

Mysterious bliss


Journey far and wide

Stretch arms like the tide

Meander the stream

Build up your best team


Learn age-old secrets

Cancer cures in sharks

Medicinal chow

Air of song sparrow


See colors of birds

bill kentucky
Bill Snape in Kentucky

Smell many bears’ turds

Touch carcass’ girds

Taste the ancient herds



Statute represents

Needed protections

Cost of hoity risks

Bittersweet moments


Bats are going bye

Losing an order

Seems so very sad

Military border


Hiking on the prowl

Thinking ‘bout that owl

Learning big defense

Without large offense


Fabric of shared life

Providing so much

Common tragedy

Wasting it for cush


Life conservation

Great conversation

Stop insanity

Join immediately


Bill Bison Snape, 2013

World Deaf Swim Coach of the Year, 2011; Board Member, United States Deaf Swimming, 2006-present

Gallaudet University Head Swim Coach, 2004-2012; Conference Coach of Year, 2007, 2011, and 2012




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