Organizing a successful event

Whether you’re organizing a rally, a petition or voter registration drive, a benefit concert, a brown bag lunch, a speaker’s panel or any other event, your success will always depend on how the event is organized.

Most important things to remember:

  • Know your goals.
  • Work back from the date of your event when you’re planning.
  • Look for opportunities to make the event easier.

Making Your Event Work:

  • Develop a concept for the event and set clear goals. Some goals might be -turn out, media, group building, political action, etc. Prioritize your goals.
  • Create a detailed master-task list and a timeline that includes all logistics. Work backwards when creating your timeline – if your event is on June 2nd, think about what has to happen on that day, then think about what has to happen the day before in order to make those things happen and so forth. This will allow you to determine how much time you need to plan your event.
  • Set a date and choose a site for the event.
  • Develop a message and publicity campaign. What do you want to highlight about this event and how do you want to get the word out?
  • Create a budget for the event if necessary.
  • Do a “recruitment and turn out” plan. Make sure to cast a wide net and then do personal one-on-one follow up. This plan could include phone banks, posters, leaflets, media, invitations, group presentations, etc.
  • Create a media plan in order to get the event covered.
  • Brainstorm all materials you will need and then create them – fact sheets, posters, postcards, sign-up sheets, etc.
  • Have a clean up crew set and send out thank you notes to everyone that helped.
  • Do an evaluation with everyone involved in the event and keep good notes. It will save you time and trouble the next time around.