Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

2007 – Present (RI)

[pullquote]It’s up to all of us to live up to the promise of the Endangered Species Act.[/pullquote]Carbon pollution is causing unprecedented ecological shifts, which are happening too quickly to allow life all over the planet to adapt. In the history of geologic time there has never before been recorded such a rapid world-wide increase in atmospheric carbon and ocean acidity. That’s why the Endangered Species Act is so important. For four decades, the Endangered Species Act has helped scientists and conservation agencies use our God-given talents and intelligence to protect God’s creation. Today, those protections are more vital than ever. Forty years ago we made a promise to do what we could to shield Earth’s animals, insects, and plants from extinction. It’s up to all of us to live up to the promise of the Endangered Species Act.

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Wolf in Yellowstone in snowy environment with forested background

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