Tom Sachs


We go to other planets not because we screwed up this one and are looking for a new home.
We go to other planets to answer the two great questions: where do we come from, and are we alone?
Religion and science have been on parallel courses, attempting to answer these great questions of existence. By going to Mars, we are able to collect samples of soils and rocks, which we compare to the earth’s geology. Science is a comparative act. This second sample is essential to a better understanding of the history of our planet.

By exploring other planets we learn how best to utilize our natural resources for the benefit of the planet and for all humankind. The Endangered Species Act protects the environment of endangered species in North America. Because the United States leads the world in technology, development, and ethics, it’s important that we, as Americans, demonstrate our concern and respect for nature, and not to just use it to feed our petroleum addiction.

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