Northern Rockies

Wolverine in snowDerek Goldman, Northern Rockies Field Representative

I have been advocating for imperiled wildlife for the past 14 years. Through grassroots engagement and direct advocacy, I have worked to advance conservation policy for gray wolves, grizzly bears and other species native to Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. As part of our Pollinator Protectors campaign, I’ve organized the creation of four urban wildlife gardens designed to provide habitat for monarch butterflies and pollinator species. 

In 2020 we’ve been providing citizen input from Montanans to Governor Bullock’s Grizzly Bear Advisory Committee, with the aim of ensuring that recommendations from the committee include a recognition of the need for connectivity between grizzly bear populations so that they do not remain isolated as “island” populations. Additionally, we’ve been working to engage our members in our annual “Stop Extinction Challenge,” a day of action for imperiled wildlife. Due to COVID-related precautions, the Challenge (and much of our other work) migrated to a virtual format this year. We hope to engage more directly with our volunteers, supporters and decisionmakers in-person once the pandemic is under control and precautions are no longer necessary. 

Speaking of COVID-19, the novel coronavirus has highlighted for us our exploitative relationship with nature and wildlife, and the consequences of that. We are advocating for new policies and funding to protect imperiled species from exploitation. Stay tuned for our annual “Top 10 Endangered” report later this fall, as the theme this year will appropriately center on wildlife trade and illegal trafficking. You get in touch with me at dgoldman (at) 

Wolf in Yellowstone in snowy environment with forested background
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