Our Vanishing Future: Photographs and Illustrations

Show Statement

Our Vanishing Future: Photographs and Illustrations was a travelling, collaborative show featuring the work of nine professional wildlife photographers and the award-winning K-12 youth artists from the 2017 Saving Endangered Species Youth Art Contest. ESC collaborated with photographer David Moskowitz to design the exhibit to raise awareness of iconic North American threatened and endangered species.  As a grassroots organization, ESC developed the show to reflect our organizational belief in the power of artwork to educate and inspire people to act in support endangered species conservation.

The exhibit goal was inspiring audiences to learn about and take actions supporting endangered species. The artworks showcase animal and plant species representing the diversity of habitats and ecosystems across the United States. Featured images depict highly visible endangered species, such as the polar bear, and important, endangered keystone species which receive less time in the spotlight, such as whitebark pine. The artworks promote environmental stewardship and social responsibility, providing the opportunity to see inspiring images of species biodiversity from a range of creative perspectives. Through children’s illustrations and professional photographs, the exhibition serves as a creative, positive way to engage public interest in species preservation.

Our Vanishing Future: Photographs and Illustrations travelling show journey:

August, 2017 Gage Academy of Art, Seattle, WA

May, 2018, Capitol Rotunda, Washington, DC (Endangered Species Day exhibit)

June, 2018 Trident Cafe, Boulder, CO

August, 2018 Kendall-Jubb (gallery), Missoula, MT

November, 2018 Art In, Madison, WI

To view images of the 2017 Saving Endangered Species Youth Art Contest winners, please visit:


Artist Bios

April Bencze

Bio: Raised on the banks of a coastal community on Vancouver Island, April spends her time exploring the relationship between humans and wilderness via wildlife photography, conservation storytelling, and through writing and poetry. Documenting species like coastal wolves, herring, wild salmon, and grizzly bears, April’s focus is on reconnecting people to the natural world photograph by photograph, word by word. 

Website: www.aprilbenczewildlife.com


Paul Bannick

Bio: Paul Bannick is an award-winning photographer and author, as well as a highly sought-after public speaker.  He is most well known for two of his books, “The Owl and The Woodpecker” (Mountaineers 2008) and “Owl: A Year in the Lives of North American Owls” (Braided River 2016).  Additionally, his work has been published worldwide by publications from National Geographic to the New York Times and in several dozen other books and magazines.

Website www.paulbannick.com


Kerri Farley

Bio: Kerri Farley is a completely self-taught nature photographer.  She took up photography at the age of 40 and has been photographing butterflies, birds, bugs and all things nature for the past 10 years.  
Website: www.NewRiverNature.com 


Michael Forsberg

Bio: Michael Forsberg is a Nebraska native whose 20-year career as a photographer and conservationist has been dedicated to wildlife and conservation stories in North America’s Great Plains. He is a Senior Fellow with the International League of Conservation Photographers, co-founder of the Platte Basin Timelapse Project, and serves as faculty at the University of Nebraska.

Artist website: www.michaelforsberg.com


Steven Gnam

Bio: Steven Gnam is a professional photographer living in the Pacific Northwest documenting our relationship with nature.

Website www.gnam.photo


Chris Huss

Bio: Chris received a BA in photography from the U of W in 1981 and embarked on a career journey that has literally taken him all over the world. Over the years, his work has been published countless times in books, brochures, calendars and magazines including his career highlight, the cover of National Geographic. Experienced in making images across many genres, Chris’ passion is for anything water related. In recent years, Chris has been collaborating with friend and colleague, Mark Strickland, to produce photography exhibits designed to educate the public on the necessity for the conservation and protection of the marine environment. Exhibits to date include, “State of the Sharks”, “From Snails to Whales” and “Ocean Visions”.

Website: www.chrishuss.com


Thomas D. Mangelsen

Bio: Thomas D. Mangelsen has traveled throughout the natural world for 40 years observing and photographing the earth’s last great wild places. His award-winning limited edition prints have been exhibited in major museums and collected by thousands around the world through his MANGELSEN-Images of Nature Galleries.

Website: www.mangelsen.com


David Moskowitz

Bio: David Moskowitz photography captures intimate and inspiring moments in the lives of people, wildlife, and wild and human-altered landscapes. He is the author and photographer of two books Wildlife of the Pacific Northwest and Wolves in the Land of Salmon. He is currently collaborating with a host of conservation organizations on a multi-media visual storytelling campaign to help conserve mountain caribou and their rainforest home.

Website: davidmoskowitz.net


Dave Showalter

Bio: Colorado-based conservation photographer Dave Showalter is focused on western lands and the enduring wild of the American West. Dave’s multi-year projects have produced two books: Sage Spirit -The American West At A Crossroads by Braided River (2015); and Prairie Thunder – The Nature of Colorado’s Great Plains by Skyline Press (2007).  While continuing sagebrush and Sage-grouse advocacy, Dave is launching a new Colorado River watershed project with Braided River in 2017. Dave is a Senior Fellow in the International League of Conservation Photographers.

Website: www.daveshowalter.com