Enter the Saving Endangered Species Youth Art Contest

The deadline for entries to the 2022 Saving Endangered Species Youth Art Contests is Tuesday March 1st, 2022

Thank you for creating artwork for the 2022 contest! Please submit your art work/s below. Be sure to complete all fields including the media type (paint, marker, collage, other), correct grade category, and species name. Information in starred fields is required to submit your entry/entries. Please be sure your image file/s is/are oriented in the correct direction of the original artwork and that the image shows the work clearly, without distracting background.

Artwork must depict species protected, delisted, or proposed for protection under the Endangered Species Act. The species listed at these links live or migrate within the United States and U.S. territories, or within the territorial waters of the U.S. The species listed at the links above are eligible for consideration as contest entries. Complete contest guidelines may be found here.

Please include any additional notes about why the artwork was created in the artist statement field. We’d love to hear more about why the species was chosen and why conservation of the species matters to you.

  • Please confirm that you have selected the correct grade category for your student entry.
  • Please list the media used to create your submission (paint, marker, collage, pencil sketch, etc.).
  • Please add a brief comment about why this species is important to you, what you think people can do to protect this or other endangered species, or what story your art is telling about endangered species.
  • Accepted file types: jpeg, psd, jpg, png, heic, gif, exif, tiff, bmp, ppm, pgm, pbm, pnm, webp, heif, avif, , Max. file size: 512 MB.
    Art submissions must in the highest resolution available.
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Wolf in Yellowstone in snowy environment with forested background
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