Enter the Saving Endangered Species Youth Art Contest

*Note: due to an unforeseen technical issue, the deadline has been extended to Wednesday, March 4th to submit art in this year’s contest. Enter your art submission below. Please complete all fields including the media type (paint, marker, collage, other). Please include species name in species field. The species must be either a currently protected species, a delisted species, or a species proposed for protection. No other species will be accepted. Please include any additional notes in the description field. Complete contest guidelines are here. All form fields are required to submit.

  • Please list the media used to create your submission (paint, marker, collage, pencil sketch, etc.).
  • Please add a brief comment about why this species is important to you, what you think people can do to protect this or other endangered species, or what story your art is telling about endangered species.
  • Accepted file types: jpeg, psd, jpg, png.
    Art submissions must in the highest resolution available.