Michael Bennet

…As President, will you uphold our Endangered Species Act and better fund it, to protect imperiled plants and animals?

“I believe I will and I can tell you that, while my generation has ignored these issues, the next generation of Americans are deeply, deeply concerned about it. I hear from young people all the time about the biodiversity report that you’re talking about and, of course, about the climate reports coming out of the UN,” responded Bennet. “I also believe that the next president not only has to deal with these issues, starting on day one of their presidency. We have to construct politics around sustainability, climate and biodiversity that is actually sustainable. And that’s not where we are today. “We are in a world where, if you’re lucky, somebody gets to put in a set of policies for two years and then it’s ripped out two years later, or four years later. You have to make climate policy urgently. It also has to be durable. I think we owe the next generation of Americans a lot better than that,” concluded Bennet.

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