Over the last year, the Endangered Species Coalition has been working with an exciting campaign by faith, science, art, and conservation groups working together to spread the word about animals and plants struggling in the face of climate change. Species as diverse as the polar bear, monarch butterfly, whooping crane, and bluefin tuna are already feeling the heat from global warming, and need our help.

This effort is centered around a traveling photography exhibit showcasing these imperiled species, and these breathtaking images are available online at www.irreplaceablewild.org.

Now, you can be part of the exhibit through a unique photo petition!

Our latest effort has been collecting photos of people all over the country who care about these species. We will be turning photos of YOU (Caring members of the public) into a collective mosaic of a polar bear, the iconic image of a species suffering in a warming world. Our goal is to collect 1,000 photos, and to present the final mosaic image to Congress as a public call for steps to help wildlife at-risk from climate change.

Do you have photos? We think you do! Be part of the Photo Petitoon Today!

Want to participate? Send us your photo here!

Guidelines: Your photo is more likely to be used if it is a high quality image (at least 640×400), is not over-exposed, and is a landscape orientation. Please only submit photos of yourself, or you and a few friends who have agreed to be part of the campaign. Please include your name, city, and state in your email as well.

By submitting your photo, you understand that it may be used in the Irreplaceable Photo Petition Project, and give permission for your image to be shown publicly for the purposes of the campaign

Stay Informed!

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