John Land Le Coq

Founder and CEO, Fishpond and Lilypond, Inc.

Founded in 1999, in the high country of Colorado on my ranch under the base of the majestic Eagles Nest Wilderness area, the Fishpond and Lilypond brands have become a worldwide platform of products designed and manufactured for the fishing and outdoors enthusiast. We created our company with the philosophy that innovation, design, and a responsibility towards the environment from which we draw our inspiration are critical to our success.[pullquote]As a friend of ecological balance, Fishpond encourages every person to engage in a cause that makes a difference.[/pullquote]

Our company depends on the health and sustainability of our watersheds and open lands, and we promote the shared connection we all have to our fragile ecosystem. It is vitally important for us, as an outdoor recreation company, to have critical public lands and protected species preserved in perpetuity through acts of Congress for wilderness designation, or through the Endangered Species Act.

At Fishpond, we believe in the power of purpose. Much of our success is directly attributable to the passion and love we have for the outdoors, and we encourage our consumers to engage in a cause that directly impacts their heart and passions. We call this the “ripple effect”—the collective impact of individuals performing in environmentally conscious ways that lead to lasting changes—in thinking, in deeds, and in results. Conservation of our natural world, including all water systems, is a shared responsibility. With each new ripple we create, we move closer to becoming a company that embodies a vision for a sustainable environment.

An example of our commitment to this vision is our 2014 line of fabrics for the Fishpond brand that are made entirely of reclaimed and recycled nylon from commercial fishing net that is typically either cut loose at sea or left on shore to entangle multiple species.

In addition, for our Lilypond brand of women’s handbags and accessories, 100 percent of our fabrics are made from recycled and discarded water bottles.

In an effort to protect this country’s phenomenal public lands and waters and reconnect Americans to the diversity of wildlife that lives in the places they love, we must create an outreach and policy plan based on a national dialogue with engaged citizens. By helping people become aware of their surroundings and by providing encouragement to physically participate in outdoor activities, we hopefully will create a powerful movement that embraces the ideals of biodiversity.

As a friend of ecological balance, Fishpond encourages every person to engage in a cause that makes a difference. None of us can do everything, but each of us can do something.




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