Chasing Presidents

On the Record: Candidates’ positions on the Endangered Species Act

During the summer and fall of 2019, the Endangered Species Coalition and our allies on the ground in Iowa, South Carolina, and New Hampshire followed presidential candidates to ask their position on the Endangered Species Act and what they would do to protect imperiled species and their habitats if elected.

The candidates are being asked this question (or an excerpt of it): According to the 2019 U.N. report on biodiversity, we now face the sixth mass extinction in Earth’s history. A million species may go extinct, many over the next few decades, due to pollution, habitat loss and climate change. In the news, we have seen stories of starving orcas and polar bears; plastics pulled from the stomachs of marine species. Such losses harm our economies, our health and quality of life. As President, will you uphold our Endangered Species Act and better fund it, to protect imperiled plants and animals? 

The candidates or their campaigns are receiving this questionnaire. We will post replies as they are available.

Here are their answers. Some are video, some in audio form, and some are newspaper stories or blog posts.

If you have the opportunity to ask candidates how they would protect endangered species and the Endangered Species Act, please record or document their answer and email us at [email protected].