Dr. Wendy Brown

Biological Science Instructor, Danville Area Community College

As a teacher, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of leading classroom discussions about biodiversity and endangered species. I’ve seen first-hand how students develop a special appreciation for threatened and endangered species, and what we can do to help protect them and their precious habitats.

While students may be disheartened about the danger so many plant and animal species face, they are encouraged by the success stories of species recovery. They learn how the Endangered Species Act has had such a positive impact during the last four decades, and realize that, as individuals, they can make a contribution as well. It is exciting to see them apply classroom lessons to real world actions. This emphasizes the importance of educating young people about critical and timely issues, and providing them with the appropriate resources so that they can become the future stewards of our environment.

Download the entire book A Wild Success here.


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