Welcome Home

Join us for the world premiere of Welcome Home

The Return of Gray Wolves to Colorado

Thursday, July 18th doors open at 6pm Film at 7pm

Celebrate Colorado’s historic wolf reintroduction at the world premiere of The Endangered Species Coalition’s new film, Welcome Home.

This beautiful, moving 20-minute film tells the story of wolves’ return to Colorado and how wildlife and people can live together.

Join ESC and our partner organizations on Thursday, July 18th, at 7 p.m. at the Sie Film Center in Denver, Colorado, for the film’s premiere and to celebrate this conservation success!

The director will introduce “Welcome Home,” followed by a panel discussion with experts featured in the film. Seating is limited, so please RSVP to reserve your seat.

The film that captures the essence and spirit of Colorado wolf recovery efforts.

Welcome Home celebrates the incredible story of wolf reintroduction to Colorado. When the people of Colorado voted to return wolves to the state, they set in motion a unique conservation success story. Welcome Home shows the value of returning this iconic and beloved carnivore to Colorado and how the state is recovering wolves in a thoughtful way that cares for wildlife and people.

Meet the Director

Welcome Home is Directed by Alan Lacy, Founder & Chief Filmmaker of Reel Earth Films

About Alan:

Welcome Home is directed by Alan Lacy, founder of Reel Earth Films. Alan’s first film, “Gray Area: Wolves of the Southwest” is an award-winning documentary that has screened internationally. Alan’s work has aired on National Geographic, Disney+, and PBS Nature, with more upcoming work soon to air on the BBC.

Growing up, Alan’s family gave him the nickname, “Nature Boy”.  At age 10, Alan’s endless curiosity for the wild turned into his lifelong purpose, when he locked eyes with a coyote and felt like he was connecting with the soul of a wolf and with the heart of Mother Nature. Twenty years later, this encounter led him to blaze a trail in wildlife filmmaking.

About the Sie Film Center

As the permanent home of Denver Film, the Sie FilmCenter is Denver’s only year-round cinematheque. The Sie FilmCenter presents a weekly-changing calendar of first-run exclusives and arthouse revivals—over 600 per year, all shown in their original language and format. Denver Film’s programs reach more than 200,000+ film-lovers annually.

The Sie Film Center is wheelchair accessible. 

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