#StandForWolves Online

  1. Wear gray for gray wolves. And tell people about it! That gray linen jacket looks even better when it’s being worn in support of America’s wolves.
  2. Get a sign. We have great full-color signs here you can print, but a sharpie, some (recycled) copy paper and your message of support saying you #StandForWolves is beautiful and all your own.
  3. Howl at noon! Even if it’s just you at your desk or standing in line at the deli and you howl so quietly it can’t be heard–howl your support for wolves! You know why you care, howl about it!
  4. Get a pic. Selfie with a wolf-mask on? Great. Your whole office in the break room holding signs? Amazing. Whatever you do, get a pic and get it to us. We’ll make sure Secretary Jewell and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service hears you!
  • Tweet it! Use the hashtag #StandForWolves and we’ll add it to the pack
  • Email it! We have a page for that. You can reply to this email with the subject line I #StandForWolves and we’ll get that too.
  • Post it to our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/stopextinction Use the hashtag #StandForWolves there too please.
  1. Tweet that you #StandWithWolves to Secretary Jewell and post your message to the Interior Department’s Facebook page.