Wolf Conservation Planning

A Guide for working together using science, inclusivity, and ethical practices.

The resources shared here are a compilation of practices and policies for wolf conservation and stewardship in the United States, based on best science, democratic processes and inclusivity, and ethics. These products are the result of an intensive collaborative effort by multiple organizations, and a comprehensive vetting process with input and critiques from a broad array of scientists, ethicists, retired and current agency professionals, Tribal biologists and representatives, and academic experts.

On this site you will find two resource guides geared differently for advocates and agency professionals. The sources and data that inform these two guides are outlined and referenced in a comprehensive resource bank  that is 166 pages in length. This bank provides information and ideas vital to wolf conservation planning, with the academic and scientific research to back every recommendation made in the wolf planning resources.

These products will remain a “living resource”–updated periodically and open to ongoing input, on-the-ground experiences, and newly published relevant literature.

Wolf in Yellowstone in snowy environment with forested background
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