Saving Endangered Species Youth Art Contest

Judges are now reviewing the 2016 Saving Endangered Species Youth Art Contest entries and winners will be announced in mid-April.

The 2015 Grade Category and Grand Prize Winners are shown here.



Grand Prize–David Starovoytov


2nd place–Seungeun Yi


Grade Category Winners

K-2 Grade Category winner–Mark Deaver

3-5 Grade Category winner–Difei Li

6-8 Grade Category winner–Claire Kiernicki

9-12 Grade Category winner–Adam Pavan


The Semi-finalist entries are below. Thank you to all who entered!

K-2 (link to the full set) 

3-5 (link to the full set)

6-8 (link to the full set)

9-12 (link to the full set) 

Wolf in Yellowstone in snowy environment with forested background
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