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Grizzly Bears in Northern Rockies: A Lasting Success?

This year the Endangered Species Act is celebrating its 40th birthday. That’s four decades of saving fish, plants and wildlife from disappearing forever. Since the law was overwhelmingly passed by Congress in 1973, only a tiny handful of species have gone extinct. The decline of hundreds of other species has been halted, and some have already been successfully recovered to sustainable levels. And thanks to the Act’s habitat protections, millions of acres of public land have been protected for these… Continue reading

What Would Aldo Leopold Do (WWALD)

by Derek May 28, 2008It has now been exactly 60 days since wolves in the Northern Rockies were removed from the protection of the Endangered Species Act. To date, 16 wolves have been legally killed in Wyoming, where wolves may be shot on sight. That’s an average of one wolf killed every four days. Four of these wolves were shot in Wyoming during the first weekend after delisting, with local bloggers bragging about their success on the Internet. One “hunter”… Continue reading