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4 comments on “Would Aldo Leopold support the FWS plan to delist wolves?

  1. I can not see how the Director can in good faith assert that Leopold would support removing wolves from the protected list or would deem the management by states a success. I understand his job is a tough one, but he should take Leopold’s writings to heart and not simply use them as a shield for his mistakes.

  2. Dan Ashe must be the most vile US Dead Fish and Dead Wildlife director in the history of the agency. His abject disregard to protecting wild lands and wildlife will go down as one of the greatest animal holocaust, in the US, in modern times.

    As long as he is indoctrinated and buffaloed with the “kill for conservation” psychotic propaganda, he has intellectually castrated himself and should be replaced as quickly as possible.

  3. That’s OK Dan, we wish we could fire you also – since your presence will kill more animals than that shotgun ever could.

    Say, have you heard about all the Grey Wolf slaughter going on up in Idaho, Wyoming and Montana ?

    Yup, they are out to kill every wolf they can – and thanks in part to you doing nothing to stop them, they probably will.

    Silly me, somehow I thought protecting wildlife from extinction was in your job description.

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