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17 comments on “States acting to ban ivory, protect elephants

  1. the only ones who need ivory are the ones god gave it to not for sale leave them alone protect them love them we are there care takers is this what we teach our children that its ok to kill something because it has something you want not cool

  2. All states should ban imports of ivory. Instead of sending aide to militarize other countries support catching and stopping poaching of ivory.

  3. This is a tragedy waiting to happen once they are gone cannot bring them back ..they have feelings and are highly intelligent beings God gaves us dominion over animals to show compassion not hatred

  4. I was recently advised the U.S. has been allowing trophy hunters who kill animals with ivory to bring that ivory back into the U.S.. Apparently the U.S. government just decreased the amount of ivory a trophy hunter could bring back into this country. Stupid me! I thought we, as a nation, were trying in all possible ways to stop the killing of species on the endangered list or with questionable populations. WE ARE NOT. We are encouraging American’s to trophy hunt here and other countries. There must be zero tolerance for bringing any amount of ivory into the U.S.. I’m totally pissed and disgusted with the U.S. government for not completly stopping ALL ivory from entering this country. So any state making a law forbidding the possession of ivory is great with me.

  5. Ivory MUST be banned and it needs to happen NOW. There is no time to waste, elephants are on the brink of extinction, and for what? Pointless trinkets and medicines we have alternatives for.

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