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7 comments on “Technology joins the fight against poaching

  1. I am encouraged to hear of these new efforts to save our most precious and beautiful endangered beings. I cannot imagine our world without the mighty and wise elephant, the imposing and amazing rhinoceros, and All the other cats and creatures of Africa, the Arctic, the Amazon, and around the world. The Earth’s wildness makes it special. May pay our blindness as humans not destroy our Home.

  2. The fight against poaching acts may be hard, but we have no option, rather we should continue the fight against poachers. I believe every protection step taken counts and every new weapon and solution attainable to fight against poaching trade would do more good to contribute to goodness, safeguarding and healthy lives of our endengered elephants and rhinos in Africa and other places around the World. I believe we have no courage whatsoever to succumb and be pushed away by cruelty of poachers and sustained a set back and standstill as our future generations extremelly need and deserve such wildness heritage too as we did the same from our previous generations. May our God be upon us over this paramount war, Inshaallah.

  3. The fight against poachers is a real one just like terrorism and the rangers should get the necessary support technology included so that they are able to protect our biodiversity.

  4. Technology is a double edged sword that is depending on who uses it. Now if conservation agencies employ the use of technology it will reduce drastically the overall effect of poaching by ensuring that the animals are protected before being attacked and in the event of an attack the poachers are easily tracked and arraigned in court for eventual prosecution

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