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22 comments on “Science Endangered at the Fish and Wildlife Service

  1. i think there is to much politics in in the protection of our wildlife , and we need to do more tin protecting our wildlife and those in politics need to do less politic and more protecting our wildlife

    1. usfws has taken away the right of the people – all 325 million of us – to be counted in making decisions on wildlife, the fact is they make decisions by only telling their hunter and ag pals about what they are doing–nobody else so nobody even knows what goes on at this agency. the agency is headed by a known wildlife murderer. so certainly no compassion to animals comes out of this agency, only nastiness, evil and violence. a war on wildlife is going on at this agency.

    2. usfws is headed by dan ashe a known wildlife murdering hunter. what do you expect when you have a person who enjoyhs killing wildlife for his fun in charge of the agency. this is an awful person to put in this job. this agency shows zero compassion for wildlife and is waging a war on wildlife.

  2. Please stop allowing politics to override true scientific research & integrity.

    You should be respecting & enforcing the law, The Endangered Species Act, not compromising for money provided by special interests & corporations who don’t care what the future impact will be.

    Please do the job everyone should be able to trust Fish & Wildlife to do-protect nature & animal survival-instead of contributing to its elimination.

    Current practices are not sustainable.

    Please do the real job that the

  3. I am angered to learn that you are Not being Objective and fair to wild life. It’s pretty simple, We the American people want All of OUR Wildlife – PROTECTED.

    We are WATCHING You as an Agency. Protect OUR Wild life.

  4. Don’t be influenced by the anti-environmental efforts of big money corporations, such as those in the coal, petroleum, and timber industries, who buy politicians all too ready to sacrifice our natural heritage for their own personal gain. Do your job–PROTECT OUR NATURAL RESOURCES.

    1. In the not-so-distant future, wild horses, another natural resource of our nation, will be
      on the verge of being extinct. They will either be domesticated via auction sales, or slaughtered due to non sales; either way, many end up at auction bought up by kill buyers, as so many people get horses and then cannot keep them.

      The wildfires are growing more numerous and more severe because humans keep removing species from their natural habitat. Big cattle operations are taking over the horses’ grazing land to make more and more money without having to spend as much in overhead, feeding the cattle.

      We have to stop trying to save money, save time, make things “better” for humans, and all the rest of the rhetoric we hear from our government and big businesses. It’s time to protect all species the way we should have protected the Native Americans when we first invaded this continent.

      The time is now.

  5. Scientists need to be in charge of these decisions not the corrupt politicians. USFWS is a misnomer- it should be USFWES – US Fish and Wildlife Extermination Service.

  6. Animals should be protected at all cost from money grabbing men and politicians should not get involved in these games.

  7. Stop politics and 0big bucks” from controlling our destinies. Take charge of saving endangered species

  8. It is abundantly evident that there is a major problem.
    The thing about betrayal is that is takes a while to understand what is really going on. This is particularly true when the source of the betrayal and deception comes from individuals or institutions that are presumed to do unquestionable good.
    Conservation organizations are houses of presumed unquestionable good. The problem with that is lack of scrutiny. Conservation organizations do not have the ability to police themselves, and the enticements from hunting organizations and industry are difficult to ignore.
    To all the hunters in state sponsored “conservation organizations”. If you are too greedy or too afraid to conserve, move out and let somebody else do it.

    The USFWS is paid for by US taxpayers, and has NO obligation towards hunters or hunting organizations.

    USFWS must have some good people. Need to purge hunters and empower the good ones. Some good ones have left. And will return when measures are in place to allow conservation.

    Scrub it clean and introduce measures to maintain transparency.
    2.Petition for change in regulations relating to conservation:
    •Removal of hunters from conservation organizations, particularly conservation organizations funded by taxpayers.
    •Intervention by Department of Justice and Office of Inspector General to purge hunters from conservation organizations and implement measures to ensure conservation and end support for hunting organizations. Conservation has no obligation towards sustaining hunting.
    Includes compliance requirements for conservation organizations to:
    •hire a compliance officer/appoint a compliance committee;
    •develop written standards and policies;
    •implement a comprehensive employee training program;
    •retain an independent review organization to conduct annual reviews;
    •establish a confidential disclosure program;
    •requirements for reporting transparency of data sourcing and procedures for listing species as endangered;
    •restrict employment of ineligible persons (hunters);
    •report support for hunting organizations, payments and bribes, reportable events, and ongoing investigations/legal proceedings; and
    •provide an implementation report and annual reports to OIG on the status of the entity’s compliance activities.

    1. and I would add another bullet point.
      * Stop the appointment of developers to wildlife conservation commissions as is the case in Florida.
      Of course the Commissioners claim there is NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST. Yeah right! and that is why there is a huge development coming to the Everglades in the middle of panther territory.

  9. Since this country is so big on prosecuting, why not prosecute them for skewing the data in favor of hunters? There must be tons of evidence of collusion with Safari Club International and Dallas Safari Club?

  10. There must surely be tons of evidence of collusion with Safari Club International, Dallas Safari Club, National Rifle Association and other hunter groups? There should be opportunities to prosecute and clean this up?


  12. Dan Ashe must go. Abused his position and is complicit in a lot of killing. It is easy to eliminate apex predators and then claim the need to kill next in line. This is not science, it is evil.
    People have been fooled for far too long. These guys travel the world on our dime, and are lauded as conservationist saviors. Nothing is further from the truth and we need to purge all hunters from conservation.
    Scum of the earth.

    1. Love your comment – I couldn’t have said it better. I didn’t like Dan Ashe from the beginning and now I despise him. I don’t like Sally Jewell either – all she ever does is “smile”.

  13. Dan Ashe Needs to Go Now !
    Time for someone who will protect vs. neglect !
    This dept needs an overhaul and new operating procedures. They need to make decisions based on science and not politics or hunting groups who lobby.

    It is up to us to scream and be the squeaky wheel for all the animals – until things change at the USFW, starting with removal of Dan Ashe and other officials who hunt ! One who is making decisions on culls and/or wildlife conservation management, should not be an avid hunter. That is a direct conflict of interest. Officials who hunt are policing themselves too, does anyone else see a problem here ?

    USFW -Get transparent, don’t attend secretive meetings with SCI, use science when making decisions, make sure officials in authority @ USFW are not hunters, and adopt new operating staff and procedures.

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