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7 comments on “Wisconsin Wolf Population Plummets

  1. WisconSin, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming are proof that states can not manage wolves federal protection must be restored.

  2. Except that deer number is the “goal” number for Wisconsin. In reality we have 1.4 million deer.

  3. Please put the wolves on the endangered species list. We must protect the wildlife especially the wolves.

  4. A recent study shows that sanctioned hunting and culling of top predators contributes to illegal hunting of the same species due to a “if they do it , so can I” mentality. (Scientific American, March or April issue, 2014.)

  5. People enjoy killing animals for the sake of killing. These wolf murderers (who obviously kill other wildlife to prove their manhood) are psychopathic murderers. Wolves are part of the ecosystem and have their own right to exist. Is this wholesale killing done to appease the ranchers? It seems this wholesale slaughter, along with killing derbys where wolves, coyotes, raccoons and other creatures are hunted and slain for fun and where the morons get a prize for their depravity (and where children are allowed to participate) seem to take place in rural States where the hillbillies and rednecks participate in this orgy of recreational violence perpetrated on innocent animals. They obviously don’t have any cerebral interests so they take out their inadequacies on the local wildlife.
    When these thugs have massacred all the wolves, bears and other wonderful creatures, what will turn their guns onto next? I hope what goes around comes around. Shame on them all !!!!

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