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4 comments on “The Fight for Women and Wolves

  1. Not only wolves but mother bears coyotes foxes are all in danger! Having ESA listing has not protected them from gruesome murderers, but without that label All Are in critical danger from imminent destruction … Along with the last wildlands which is their home. Getting wildlife the same Rights we humans enjoy (or did until this election)! Is the only way forward!

    1. i ESPECIALLY, like the green box that says DONATE. You people need to get a real job, instead of living off of donations from gullible people who care more from wild animals than they do people. I’m from Wyoming and wolves are causing real hardship to real people. With the endangered species act , we now have a federal government that is so arrogant that it can take away the God given right of the shepherd to protect his defenseless lambs. I’m not anti wolf, I’m pro people. We never wanted the wolf reintroduced to begin with, and you didn’t do the wolf any favors by reintroducing them because a lot of wolves are going to die. Like I said ,get a job.

      1. You never wanted the wolf to begin with. Curious. As you are living in what once was the home of not just wolves, but indigenous peoples. I’m sure they didn’t want white humans encroaching on their lands. But the reality is, if someone states that wolves are creating “real hardship” for humans, they have not entirely done their homework. They do not understand why wolves prey on cows (hint: it’s human intervention and the killing of members of the family units of wolves in that less wolves must go after easy prey). But did you also know that the predation by wolf numbers are extremely low? That mountain lions and bears kill more cattle than wolves? Hatred against the wolf is taught. Just as hatred of women, of nature, of humans with different skin color or different ways of living are taught. If you believe in god, then you must believe god created wolves, and if god created wolves wouldn’t they have god given rights to live as well? Hmmm.

  2. Stand up, speak out. Wolves and all our precious wildlife are in grave danger under trump. We cannot be disengaged, the future of the Wild depends on us.

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