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10 comments on “Why the Latest War on Wolves? Three Reasons You May Not Know

  1. These animals are magnificent and man has to learn to live with them side by side for benefiting both!

  2. Wolves are smart, family-oriented, and communicative. Their personalities are clear. We must hold congress to a higher standard. They need to follow the science and follow the law, not mythology.

  3. Dear Endangered Species Coalition,

    l admire your work and efforts very much.
    Please try to do your best to save these majestic species.

    Yours faithfully,

    Erika Czelenk

  4. Thank you to everyone who has committed. We have organizers on the ground around the country that are working hard to defend wolves. Thank you to our activists who care enough to read about wolves and speak out. You are making a difference!

  5. Wolves are an important part of the ecosystem without them the ecosystem is unbalanced. I am disgusted at the thought of a war against wolves. What have the wolves done to us for us to be harming them. I love wolves and am fascinated by the way they act. History is repeating it self this is the first war against wolves.

  6. Here in Michigan the Republican legislature defied We the People AGAIN reintroducing a ‘wolf hunt’ bill after we TWICE voted it down. Our bastard Governor Snyder signed it just before Christmas 2016. This isn’t about ‘control,’ it is about a select group of miscreants who salivate at the chance to kill them. And Trump has appointed wolf haters (plus those who favor ravaging the wild to profit Big Oil) to key cabinet appointments.
    We must stop them.
    “Evil and Ignorance had a bastard child..they called it ‘Trump.’

  7. You forgot misogyny as the 4th reason. Wolves are alpha female dominant. The patriarchy hates that. White supremacy hates that. Long live wolves.

  8. Save the wolves and stop the trophy hunting and trapping and snares and cyanide bombs. Its the 21st century people don’t make the same mistakes as the past all living things matter!!

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