Donald J. Trump’s pick for Interior Secretary will be appearing before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee today. Representative Ryan Zinke (R-MT) is an inexperienced and unserious choice for a position that will oversee all of our nation’s threatened and endangered species and more than 5 million acres of public lands.

In his short time in Congress (he is beginning his second two-year term), Rep. Zinke took a series of disastrous positions that has earned him a paltry 3% lifetime score from the League of Conservation Voters.

While representing Montana, he voted for each of the legislative attempts to kick gray wolves off of the endangered species list; he cosponsored a bill that would slash protections for highly endangered Lobos;  he railed against common sense protections for imperiled sage grouse; he even voted for a bill that would block funding for efforts to crack down on the brutal ivory trade while clearing the way for importation of sport-hunted polar bears.

In his short political career, he has taken more than $300,000 from oil and gas industry donors and has recently voted along with his GOP colleagues to make it easier to sell or give away public lands.

Ryan Zinke is unserious about extinction and wrong for Interior Secretary. Please contact your senators today and ask them to reject Ryan Zinke.

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13 comments on “Ryan Zinke is wrong for Secretary of the Interior

  1. The USFWS & BLM are off the rails as it is! America needs someone who will care about and protect the wildlife, environment and public lands in this country! Wildlife in this country is under attack as it is! Our wolves, wild horses and burros, big cats, bears, Etc have been killed by the millions every year in this country by the agencies that are supposed to protect them. And they haven’t. Please, please, please don’t let him become the head of the very agency responsible for protecting our wildlife, environment and public lands unless he absolutely promises to protect all of these?!!!!

  2. Zinke is a person who lacks any compassion for our wildlife. He is a carbon copy of our mentally I’ll president. Politicians who approved this terrible killing should be the ones hunted and killed.

  3. We have an ethical obligation to “serve and protect” our animals. “LIFE, LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.” This includes providing a sustainable environment for our animals and providing them the protections required to survive and thrive.

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