Imagine being in the eighth grade and watching your beloved family dog take his last excruciating breaths after being poisoned. Now, consider that the poison that killed him was intentionally planted by the federal government to kill wildlife on public lands.

Sadly, this happened to the Mansfield family in March of 2017. Canyon and his dog Kasey were hiking on public land near his home when he saw a sprinkler-like device protruding from the ground. He inadvertently triggered a deadly device planted there by USDA’s Wildlife Services, spraying a cloud of cyanide into the air. Their beloved dog died an excruciating death and the boy–Canyon Mansfield–was hospitalized with cyanide poisoning.

Their death and suffering were caused directly by a device that the USDA manufactures and leaves on public lands to kill foxes, coyotes, and even eagles and endangered wolves. These  M-44 devices can be triggered by anyone who comes across them, and can cause prolonged and painful suffering and death.

The boy recovered, mourned his dog’s death, and got to work with his family to stop the government from using these atrocious devices. They worked with their member of Congress, to  create legislation that will finally stop the government from using M-44 cyanide bombs to kill wildlife.

This law will help to reign in an agency that causes  the deaths of hundreds of thousands of animals every year. But, this fight won’t be easy. Well-funded ranching interests have deep connections and have blocked similar bills before.

Your support will ensure the Endangered Species Coalition can continue working on Canyon’s law.  Please make a gift today to help ban USDA Wildlife Services from using deadly and cruel M-44 cyanide bombs on our public lands.

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