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Wildlife Services: Leaked Audit Shows Fiscal Confusion

Via NRDC’s Melissa Waage:   An unreleased, internal audit at USDA’s secretive Wildlife Services division uncovered big accounting problems, including $12 million missing from its coffers, the LA Times revealed yesterday. This new information comes as USDA’s Inspector General prepares to conduct a congressionally-requested audit of the agency’s practices. The Times reports that The [internal Wildlife Services] audit found the agency’s accounting practices were “unreconcilable,” lacked transparency and violated state and federal laws. Further, the audit revealed that $12 million… Continue reading

BREAKING: USDA Inspector General to Audit Wildlife Services

ESC member group NRDC’s Andrew Wetzler just posted this on their Switchboard Blog. This audit is welcome news for endangered and threatened species. The indiscriminate methods by which USDA’s Wildlife Services uses lethal control methods puts imperiled species at unjustifiable risk. The recent Sac Bee series uncovered the lack of transparency and accountability of Wildlife Services’ actions that have put all manner of wildlife and domestic animals in jeopardy of injury or death with little to no recourse. Responding to… Continue reading