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24 comments on “Anti-Science Wolf Delisting Bill Passes House of Representatives

  1. Dear Sirs, Please keep the protection on the Grey wolves for they are a keystone creature who do a lot of good for the enviroment they are in!!!!!!!! It has bee a proven fact.

    1. I am not going to polite. Why should I be when you people have no respect for life. You are the worst example of mankind. I hope the Creator has a special place for you in hell

    1. What you are allowing is a offence to our Creator. Humans were suppose to be stewards not murdering fools who do it to be so cool. You people are disgusting.

  2. Please do not take the wolves off the endangered and protecded list as they are wonderful animals and an important part of the balance of nature. It has been proven that the environment will collapse without them. Thank you.

      1. Totally agree with you did you see the photo of an entire wolf pack killed by two hunters recently? I was in tears over it

  3. It has already been proven in Yellowstone National Park that the reintroduction of the wolves is creating a healthier environment, to include the waters, the trees, the the health of the herds of elk an deer. Wolves were created by nature and deserve our respect, as the animals that they are, and indeed a part of the natural environments in which we live.

  4. Wolves are a keystone species and crucial for the health to the fauna and flora and the environment where they live, it’s detrimental that they are protected.
    Please stop the wolf haters that hunt and kill them.

  5. Protect wolves without them there soul be more polution wolves are very special to me and. Would hate to see a species wiped out because of some trigger happy individuals

  6. Our answer for everything seems to be catch em and kill em.

    Lift the protections for wolves, grizzlies, wild horses, bison, threatened and endangered species.

    Always the same soulless BS, stripping the planet of everything pure and beautiful, causing damage, like a cancer.

    Never ending hate, greed, violence, war, we are destined to fail.

    1. Mike, hi.

      PLEASE provide me and other folks who read the words on this blog some ESSENTIAL CLARITY to tell me–to tell us–that what I write in my first paragraph below. — Thanks

      Mike, your message–especially the first half or so–sounds very REACTIONARY when it comes to the DELIBERATE CREATION and CONTINUANCE of the 21st-CENTURY GLOBAL HOLOCAUST long-visited upon animals and Earth

      In the lower part of your message, however, it seems as if you’ve wiggled around your words so much that your readers (well at least I ) have very little option but to “understand” what you’ve written as not simply REACTIONARY but, indeed, very, very SAD), .

      PLEASE, Mike, tell us all that IT JUST AIN’T SO!

      PLEASE tell me–tell US– THAT I’M TERRIBLY MISTAKEN and THAT I TOTALLY and MISREAD YOUR MESSAGE–or even, perhaps, that what you wrote just didn’t come out in your writing the way you wanted it to.

      Thanks for reading, Mike. I hope you respond to me–to us– so that I and other readers can, perhaps, receive some CLARITY from you because I WOULD VERY MUCH LIKE TO BE MISTAKEN ABOUT WHAT YOU SEEM TO BE COMMUNICATING.

      DIRECT-ACTION ANIMAL & EARTH LIBERATORS–those COURAGEOUS, NON-VIOLENT, COMPASSIONATE, and HIGHLY ETHICAL and MORAL (admittedly from my perspective)–are REVOLUTIONARY MODELS for us when it comes to the LIBERATION of TORTURED NONHUMAN ANIMALS and the conscious and deliberate RAPE of our EARTH–a place that should–in part–be NATURAL ANIMAL HABITATS.

      Well, gotta go, Mike. Hope to hear from you or anyone else who cares to respond,


  7. I love wolves; They are beautiful and intelligent and I find their slaughter extremely unjust. It seems to be the answer to men who are only interested in their fur – an easy way to make money and a delightful way to spend an afternoon. Wolves are living beings and deserve our respect. Moreover, they are part of the ecosystem, which is a considerable advantage.

  8. Please, save the wolves, give them the protection, what they needed. Without wolves the whole ecosystem will going down. You saw, what happened, when the YNP was without wolves. And how important wolves are. Please, help the wolves!

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