A group of 70 scientists and scholars released an open letter this week calling for the continued protection of gray wolves in the Great Lakes and beyond.

The letter is in response to an earlier letter from a smaller group of scientists suggesting wolves should lose protections. It calls into question several of the claims made in that letter, specifically noting the authors’ misunderstandings of both the legal requirements of the Endangered Species Act and interpretation of scientific data. 

You can read the letter in its entirety here.

Federal courts have repeatedly rebuked the USFWS for failing to follow the law in attempting to delist wolves in the Great Lakes, and a proposal to delist virtually all of the nation’s gray wolves remains pending. Congress is also considering legislation that would circumvent legal requirements of the Endangered Species Act by selectively delisting wolves in as many as four states.

Take action by calling your senators and asking them to reject anti-wolf policy riders on upcoming spending bills.


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24 comments on “70 Scientists Recommend Continued Protection for Wolves

  1. How many more reputable scientists and respectful citizens must step forward for OUR federal government to do what is right by keeping America’s wolves federally protected?

  2. Stop the war on nature ! How much more proof do you need that our wildlife is in jeopody??!!
    Our ecosystems are beginning to fail and we need to leave wildlife alone and stop big oil and development from destroying what we have left,

  3. Stop killing the wolves!!! I will call D. Feinstein and B. Boxer, my two senators from CA. Both have pledged to me in the past that they vote to protect.
    Dealing with these killers of wolves, the inaccuracy of reports, the buying off of state officials, and most likely US senators is a common fact, They will vote to kill the wolves…. That is like 1+1=2…They know no difference…It is pathetic what our government is doing.. Sally Jewells and Danny Ashe need to be replaced also… We are seeing the “right” in the supreme court, the house and the senate and it makes me sick!!! AND the repubs are willing to have donny trump represent them….. This is all pathetic….. JUST PATHETIC!!!!!!

    1. We need to get rid of so called “riders” when these politicians are voting on our lands & wildlife! With the state our ecosystem is in one would think they would do everything possible to save our top predators…namely wolves! Most Americans want to see wolves remain and be left alone…so who are the politicians acting on behalf of???…..oh yes…special interest groups that bring in money for them! Careful who you vote for if you want any wildlife left at all…many will be gone within the next 100 years. If you put earth on a 24 hour clock man has been here the equivalent of about 5 minutes and look at how much destruction has been done! We must stop with the greed and selfishness and stick with honest to goodness science! Politics are just too corrupt and they do not belong in wildlife management at all!!

  4. Be conservative, and protect our wolves. Predators are a crucial part of a healthy ecosystem. Please protect our landscape and resources. Protect the wolves for future generations. My daughter is one of the millions of children pleading for us to save the wolves!

    1. Please continue to protect wolves, we cannot continue to strip the world of all its wildlife. Thank you, Mr. Peter Short on.

  5. President Obama,
    Please stop the delisting of wolves from the endangered species. We need these precious eco-system animals, which in turn, help our environment. Climate deniers should not be making the rules because they are congressmen. Many people who hunt animals are cruel, evil and stupid. They are so stupid that they often end the day, by accidentally shooting each other too. Stats have been proven many times.

  6. Please leave the poor wolves in peace and in good health!!! These magnificent animals deserve to thrive and live like all wild animals. These sadistic hunters kill anything and everything they can. Laurie Ann Breen

  7. As the Wolf goes so does mankind, I prefer to use the word HUMANKIND. As “man”kind is not kind at all, and tends to kill everything that is necessary for our eco-system to survive, Why does this happen? It happens for profit and fun. We must stop this insanity.

  8. These are wild animals that we should learn to coexist with. Mankind is arrogant, believing all animals should bow down to them. Well they need to wake up, animals are wild. God created animals before humans. The ranchers, cattlemen and hunters are greedy and have NO business killing wolves. The wolves will be killed in record time if delisted. Please have some compassion, PLEASE DO NOT DELIST WOLVES.

  9. Behåll försvara som stå fast skyddad också bör respektera och värdfull,därför att bör bevara och hänsyn till omständigheterna behåll åratal.Strängeligen förbjuden utrota!!!!

  10. I know you all “mean well”, but you don’t know the “story behind the story”. The Sierra Club, the Wilderness Societies (many), the Center for Biological Diversity, the National Humane Society and others have done a good job “educating” all of us that wolves aren’t dangerous–but are they? When there are lots of prey that’s what they prefer. But as wolves proliferate very fast, they clean out the wild prey, and that’s when livestock, children and adults are at risk. See “List of Wolf Attacks in North America” where attacks are listed as both “fatal” and “non-fatal”. Before humans became numerous to organize and protect themselves, many were killed by large wolf packs. FATAL ATTACKS: In the 1800’s 27 adults and children were documented as wolf killed; in the 1900’s there were 10; and in the 2000’s there were 3, one in Alaska and two in Canada. NON-FATAL ATTACKS: In the 1800’s there were 13 documented non-fatal attacks; in the 1900’s there were 36; in the 2000’s there were 9 in Alaska, Canada, the U.S. and Quebec. There were no doubt many more that weren’t documented. That’s why they were exterminated in CA and all over the West, because people wanted to be safe and raise livestock in relative peace. But now the wolf lovers have the upper hand! The STORY BEHIND THE STORY: From the 1990’s on, the “greens” gradually gained control of our public land agencies, and now they and the EPA control what’s done. The TRUE STORY is that they want to stop use of our public lands by people (see Agenda 2030, aka the Wildlands Project), especially by miners and hunters. And they are well on their way to doing it. See the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Report on “Sue and Settle” that explains how the “greens” are orchestrating it so well. When the wolves re-populate CA and the West, they will celebrate big-time! And when the wolves run out of wild prey and move into San Francisco, the rest of us will celebrate!

    1. In 1800 population of US was 5,308,483, in 1900 the population was 76,212,168. The flu epidemic of 1918 killed 675,000. While every life is precious, the lives in the wild are precious also and humans depend upon the natural world. We desperately need the diversity our wild lands provide and more wild intermingled with the areas where we live. The west coast mountain lions are coming back and we are coexisting very well on the west coast. We need to make the same effort with wolves.
      In case you haven’t seen it, this is a short version of a video on how wolves changed the nature of Yellowstone, for the better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysa5OBhXz-Q

    2. On the contrary Gracie, you don’t know the story behind the story, conflict and aggression are closely correlated to wolf persecution. Just like us, Wolves need sound and stable social environments to function as they should, killing wolves inflicts severe psychological trauma on surviving pack members, driving hyper-predation, conflict and aggressive behavior.

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