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8 comments on “Wolf Killed in Utah Was Grand Canyon Wolf

  1. It is tragedy that “A few”, powered by money, greed and the love of murder, can kill everything that is cherished and precious to so many others, Wolves are supposed to be protected; yet this means nothing. Everything is for sale in this country, even predators that are unique, and vital to an ecosystem. The killing of Echo the Grand Canyon wolf was a terrible violation of the law and a true tragedy to conservation efforts. I urge you. To protect the vulnerable and be a voice for America’s voiceless animals.

  2. I’m trying to fill in the form to email to my Senator regarding wolves. One of the required fields is “Title”
    What title? The title of my email or a corporate title or Ms. or Mayor or what? I can’t send my email with the field blank.

  3. By now everyone should know that we need the wolves in our parks, forests and generally all over. So some coward shot this special and historic wolf…. coward indeed. How do you feel now? Was it a thrill to kill this beautiful animal who has endured so much already?

    Congress needs to act to protect our wolves. There are so many ways to protect them and livestock at farms and feed lots. Please put some effort into this – it’s worth it for us and the wolves.

  4. Save these beautiful creatures. Killing is unnecessary and they serve a purpose like every other animal here on this earth.

  5. As someone who has saw both, if you can’t tell a coyote from a wolf then you do not need to be hunting. They are both canines and that’s where the resemblance ends. IMO anyone who kills an endangered species should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law with no excuses or exceptions. Then maybe people would think twice before pulling the trigger if there were consequences to their actions. And this applies to more than just wolves.

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