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5 comments on “Twenty Years Later

    1. What is happening with America’s wolves is a huge embarrassment. That even Disney is teaching lies about them, and Americans have to go to the BBC to teach our children truth is enraging.

  1. wolves are a necessary party of a healthy ecosystem. Please protect the wolves. Please do not de list the wolves. the wolves continue to be endangered. The wolves are social and intelligent and deserve our protection, not to be culled as part of some trophy hunt. Thank you.

  2. I am appalled at the US Government’s UNDOING of what it started 20 years ago. I feel that much of this has been done for the sake of frackers and other excavators, who – were the wolves allowed to roam back to their original historic range freely – would have had to abide by habit constraints that come along with the wolf being listed, particularly difficult for the frackers, since wolves can roam such great distances and that their natural historic range is basically all of the US. Therefore, I feel that they are the primary force behind wolf extermination – which is rampant now. Much of the decline in elk an moose, in addition to global warming, is poaching (which has become a regular thing that people in the “outback” feel is an entitlement. I say this not without some experience, having conversed with people in areas where wolves were once listed. Judges rule, as recently, that wolves in WY and in the Upper Midwest are and constitutionally should be re-listed, and Big Energy (through its always present graft) immediately begins working to undermine these rulings through re-writes of these rulings – something I will never understand and feel is an incredible weakness of our legal system. The President does nothing to support these federal judicial rulings favoring the preservation of wolves, leaving me with my only conclusion thereof being that he is in the pocket of these excavators. He occasionally proposes positive environmental and/or wildlife legislation, but I cannot help but feel that he knows that these proposals will not pass and that he is doing it for his legacy more than for anything else here in the final 1.5 or so years of his office. I am completely disgusted. Wolves are killed freely all over the state of Alaska; they are even killed with intention and in significant numbers in Denali National Park. Where is the justice there? What else is there to say.

  3. We need to keep the wolves on the Endangered Species List providing them with federal protection, otherwise they will become extinct. There is an unprecedented blood thirsty frenzy to kill these magnificent animals in the west and northwest as exhibited by six states in particular in Idaho with their killing derbys.

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