May 3

Plan your Endangered Species Day Action or Celebration

The 12th annual Endangered Species Day is just around the corner, but you still have time to make your plans. Endangered Species Day is a celebration of past and current conservation success stories and a day of action to keep working to bring species back before they are on the brink of extinction.

Find an Endangered Species Day event on our list of events around the country.

If there is nothing happening near you, make your own Endangered Species Day event! Some ideas are below.

1: Plant milkweed to save monarchs

Monarch butterflies are disappearing before our eyes. They have declined by nearly 70 percent over just 22 years. One of the primary causes of this decline is the loss of milkweed due to increased herbicide use. Monarchs depend on milkweed throughout their lifecycle and you can help bring them back by putting milkweed in the ground. You can buy seeds at Monarch Watch or build milkweed seed bombs. You can buy the kit to build seed bombs at and use the code Milkweed for a 25% discount.

2: Pick up litter and other debris.

The simple act of picking up trash can have an enormous impact. Common items like straws and plastic shopping bags can cause havoc with marine and other species. While efforts to phase these products out is happening around the world, we can be change makers in our communities by picking them up before they enter waterways. You can identify and map debris you pick up by going to

3: Visit your local U.S. wildlife refuge or national park.

These places are what we all fight for. Wild species need wild places. Going for a hike, taking photos, or birdwatching are all ways you can maintain your connection to these places and take that connection home and turn it into action. You can find a refuge near you at and your nearest national park at the National Park Service’s Find a Park page

4: Read a book or watch a movie

If weather or other considerations lead you to stay indoors, you can expand your horizons through print or screen. We’ve compiled some possible books and highly recommend the movies DamNation and Racing Extinction.

5: Be social!

Join the conversation online. Tweet or instagram using #EndangeredSpeciesDay. Tweet, post to Facebook or send an e-card or email to your friends to spread the word about Endangered Species Day. We have sample tweets and graphics you can share or a list of 10 easy things you can do to save endangered species that you could share too.

6: Be a responsible consumer

You can support conservation and grassroots organizing to protect endangered species by making a purchase at 60% of the profits of sales through WeShop go to the Endangered Species Coalition to help us continue organizing Endangered Species Day and other events and actions to protect imperiled species and the Endangered Species Act.

7: Take action

This congress and administration are advancing policies and legislation that threaten the Endangered Species Act. You can sign a pledge to defend the Act here or call your senators and representative and tell them you expect them to defend the Act. 


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