Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has pursued the same anti-wildlife goals he exhibited in his short time in Congress by using his two months as Interior Secretary to support the killing of hibernating bears in Alaska and rescind a rule that saves eagles and California condors from lead poisoning. 

With that dismal track record, he needed some positive press. To that end, Secretary Zinke is letting employees at the Department of Interior bring their dogs to work on two Fridays over the next several months. And, of course, he’s taking to Twitter to talk about it

If Secretary Zinke wants to celebrate dogs, he should first do his job and safeguard their ancestors. His Department of Interior is still pursuing a nationwide slashing of protections for gray wolves and is quietly walking away from efforts to recover the most endangered canid in the country, the red wolf. 

Tweet Secretary Zinke your #DoggyDay photo or right-click to save the image above ask him to look after wolves with the same commitment he has brought to bringing employees’ dogs to work (on two Fridays, months apart) at Interior.  

Go to and upload your favorite dog photo to attach to the tweet (instructions).

Write a tweet using @SecretaryZinke and #DoggyDay. Here are a few tweets you could copy and paste and add your dog photo to or click to tweet to tweet with the above image attached: 

[bctt tweet=”@SecretaryZinke Wolves and dogs are 98.8% identical. Please #keepwolveslisted. #DoggyDay” url=”no” via=”no”]

[bctt tweet=”@SecretaryZinke Love your dog? Thank a wolf and keep them protected under the #EndangeredSpeciesAct. #DoggyDay” url=”no” via=”no”] 

[bctt tweet=”I support and protect my dog. @SecretaryZinke should do the same for our wolves and #keepwolveslisted. #DoggyDay” url=”no” via=”no”]

[bctt tweet=”@SecretaryZinke Please celebrate all canines on #DoggyDay and withdraw the nationwide delisting of gray wolves:” url=”no” via=”no”]

Don’t tweet? Reply to Secretary Zinke’s Facebook post or send his office an email asking him to celebrate all canines by withdrawing the nationwide delisting of gray wolves and working to recover red wolves.


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77 comments on “#DoggyDay at Interior

  1. Please realize that wolves are part of the natural ecosystem and are critical to help keep balance in Nature. Humans have critically disrupted the natural world and we should be doing everything to restore balance. Wolves are to be celebrated for their family values, especially their love and care of their pups. I pray that you will be a caring custodian of wolves and their environment.

  2. Perhaps you do not know that wolves are dog’s ancestors. Why is it OK to kill wolves, yet also OK to have DoggyDay at Interior?

  3. Interior Secretary Zinke, you have pursued the same anti-wildlife goals you exhibited in your short time in Congress by using your two months as Interior Secretary to support the killing of hibernating bears in Alaska and to rescind a rule that saves eagles and California condors from lead poisoning.

    With that dismal track record, you needed some positive press. To that end, you are letting employees at the Department of Interior bring their dogs to work on two Fridays over the next several months. And, of course, you’re taking to Twitter about it.

    If you want to celebrate dogs, you should first do your job and safeguard their ancestors. Your Department of Interior is still pursuing a nationwide slashing of protections for gray wolves and is quietly walking away from efforts to recover the most endangered canid in the country, the red wolf.

    1. Mr. Bernard, THANK YOU for your above comments, I agree with you. The needless killing of bears and Wolves needs to STOP. Please keep up your good work. If you are not already a member, I invite you to join Defenders of Wildlife I find their support of Wolves and Bears outstanding!

  4. There are no words to properly describe how despicable you are. You will be the most uncaring, unaware, blood thirsty Secretary of the Interior on record. You have no right to be holding this position. This position is supposed to safe guard our lands and the wild creatures upon them, that means no killing of wolves, bears, denning, snaring, open seasons, no lead ammo, no exploration in our Wilderness designated lands, and so far you have ignored all of this. Your grandchildren will have nothing.

    1. Secretary Zinke, I am VERY DISAPPOINTED IN YOUR “SUPPORT” TO KEEP WOLVES ON THE ENDANGERED SPECIES LIST! All you have done is ALLOW savages (NOT hunters) to SLAUGHTER Wolves for the hell of it. WHY? Are you managing by what the lobbyists tell you? Please listen to REAL PEOPLE, like Norma Campbell; I agree with her 110%! Please let me know what you are going to do to protect Wolves? I belong to Defenders of Wildlife and URGE you to follow their advice. PLEASE put all Wolves BACK on the Endangered Species List. THANK YOU, Mr. Secretary!

    2. You are both inhumane and not capable of compassion. To kill our beautiful wildlife is despicable. You should be ashamed of yourself to say you are caring to dogs when wolves are their ancestors and deserve to live and raise their families as you would like any dog to do. You are poisoning our wildlife with the lead ammo, exploration in our lands, etc. Please stop all this nonsense you talk about and do something good with you newly gained title.


  6. I support the protection of ALL beings–ALL species. Dogs and wolves have as much right to life as people. To take away protection of endangered species–or any species–is irresponsible,inhumane,cruel,and completely wrong in every way.

    PROTECT WOLVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I’m not sure who you are working for, but it’s not wildlife or the majority of the American public. I love watching the eagles soar while out with my dog, but your decisions have not put enjoyment in danger. Please protect the wildlife in your care.

  8. I totally agree with Norma Campbell and John Bernard on their comments! Why would anyone, including YOU Secretary Zinke, want to destroy our animals! Every animal has a purpose on this earth or GOD wouldn’t have put them here! Trump promised all sorts of things when running for President and he hasn’t lived up to one of them yet! Now you are right tight on his butt wanting to do the almost the same thing….destroy our animals leaving them with no protection just so someone can kill them and make them into a trophy! What is this world coming too? Nothing good in my book!! Take it all away so one day even us humans won’t exist!!! Good going guys!

  9. How can you profess to love dogs sooo much when you see fit to slaughter wolves. Either you don’t understand dogs history or you are a giant hypocrite. So far in the short time you have been apart of this disgusting administration all you have done on jeopardise the future of wildlife and show a total disregard for all aspects of nature. You are doing a really job.

  10. Bringing dogs to work does not forgive your horrible record of treatment of precious wildlife.
    Resign now, you are not sited for the job, Period !

  11. Ignorance of the damage your decisions will result in from allowing lead ammunition to once again be used, is no excuse for endangering birds, especially endangered species like the California condor and also eagles…but any animal that ingests lead will have damage to their nervous system and nephrotic systems at the least, not to mention effects on any chicks they may have. I just don’t get how and why you think that the solution to everything is to let humans destroy the natural world so that more men can have more guns to shoot and kill whatever pleases them – or more accurately enhances their feeble and vacant ego needs. Or, is some business paying you off, all so that they can increase profits?
    Have you not been briefed that we are in the midst of the 6th great mass extinction in the history of Earth? Do you not know, or have been educated that lead at microgram levels of intake harm the developing brains of humans as well, and likely results in any number of the brain function impairments that have become more prevalent over the last few decades? My only hope is that you wake up and reverse this decision…..or that those of you who hunt innocent animals, but eat them, ingest the very toxins you are allowing to be unleashed on the natural world. You are an embarrassment to everything that is ‘advertised’ as American values, and to humanity in general if you continue with these decisions.

  12. I cannot understand the reasoning behind the restoration of lead bullets when the danger they pose to eagles and condors is well documented and that doesn’t even consider the dangers to humans who process the lead.

  13. Wolves are essential to keeping the environment clean. You are as ignorant, stupid and useless as the idiot who appointed you. Get an education about the wolves and how they are essential to the balance of the environment.
    In the enormous eco chain that nature is, all links are a vital element to the survival of life on this planet with one EXCEPTION: THE HUMAN LINK. Human animals are the most dangerous and destructive animals on this planet and pretty soon, this once beautiful blue planet will look like the moon thanks to dangerous, insane and unconscious ASSHOLES like you.

  14. Zinke – the fact that you are allowing lead to be brought back into the environment just shows how unqualified you are for this position. You are a trophy hunter and have no respect for animals and think they are only here for your ignorant trophy hunting murder. You are sickening and a disgrace to our nation and the work that has been put in place to protect our wild places and wild animals.
    You should resign. Period.

  15. You’re either for or against nature and our wildlife, and your boss is against both and a proven idiot. Prove yourself a real man and cut your own trail in favor of our national treasures – stop the obvious and ignorant war on our wildlife NOW!

  16. Having grown up on a farm, living around Wolves, Coyotes, Etc., I want to THANK all of you men and ladies who have come out in support of keeping Wolves, Bears, Big Cats, Coyotes safe and protected!

  17. Your ignorance and stupidity are astounding! The sociopathic lust you have for killing endangered animals indicates, a significant lack of morals, ethics, and advanced stages of mental illness–Obviously you have no respect for animals or people, as those that target animals are prone to enjoy hurting and killing women, children, as nothing is sacred or safe around you—I strongly suggest you get therapy, and resign—you are a disgrace to humanity–and an insensitive hillbilly–your mother should have used birth control, and or abortion—I hope karma comes after you in the same way your actions are to the helpless anmals

  18. Perhaps you should enlighten yourself about the other animal species on this planet remembering that you are also one of the animal species. Of all the species, humans with supposed higher intelligence, are on of the few species that will kill their own (murders, wars, etc.) We are also the major predator in the world. We slaughter more animals for food than all the other species combined. We also slaughter other animal species for non-essential reasons (trophies, body parts, skins, IGNORANCE). Your job, if you believe you are of higher intelligence, should be to protect all other species and the lands and ecosystems they live in. PLEASE DO YOUR JOB FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL SPECIES AND THE FUTURE OF THIS PLANET!!

  19. Hello,
    Did you get the memo that when wolves were re-introduced in Yellowstone, everything changed for the BETTER? Elks couldn’t chew the riverside trees so they grew better enabling beavers to not have to go so far for branches (and so they live longer – changing the ecosystem further with their dams.
    How can you style yourself head of Interior when you apparently don’t understand ecosystems?
    EVERYthing has interactions and interrelations like that – leave the wolves alone!

  20. Dear Secretary Zinke,
    Wolves, coyotes and bears are among America’s important wildlife population. I respectfully and firmly request you to do everything possible to protect these animals, as well the sea animals, fishes and the coastlines also. The animal life, the wild life of America must protected from the ravages of uncontrolled hunting and the land itself needs your nuturing hand and attention. Do all you can to protect the native inhabitants of our great Nation, please!

  21. No “Human” is above nature or ever will be or can be !!! We are all from the same life force animals / humans all to live ! To let animals be hunted tortured abused in any way is Evil !!

  22. Wolves and all other animals have the same rights to live peacefully on this earth as you and I do. Put yourself in their place . . . how would you like to wake up to the sound of gunshots in the distance and then realize that your mother isn’t coming back. You’ll soon suffer a painful death as you slowly starve to death. All because your mother was returning with a rabbit dinner and crossed a boundary that she didn’t even know existed. Worse yet, imagine running for your life, while being separated from the only family that you have ever known, as some large, loud flying object is chasing you down to herd you into a pen and then send you to slaughter in the name of land management.
    Now, picture yourself walking with your beloved family dog and child/grandchild in the woods as the dog happens upon a M44 Cyanide Predator device that has been placed in bait for a wolf or coyote. The device goes off and injects the dog’s airway with the poison which causes a slow and painful suffocating death. The cyanide also floats through the air and your child or grandchild also inhales this lethal poison. Can they be saved in time?
    Why did this happen? Because someone reported seeing a “predator” in the area.

    This is a basic right to life issue. We are no more entitled to life than these animals are . . . predators, or not. Taking apart the Endangered Species Act is not a decision to be taken lightly. There is plenty of middle ground. All of the issues are not related to the ESA, but each action taken to tear down existing protections for current covered places and populations is a step backwards.

    Crucial endangered habitats, national parks, public lands, threatened and endangered species . . . all of these things need to be protected for future generations to come.
    This is our legacy.

    It’s time to do the right thing for once.
    Stand Up and Defend Those Who Can’t Defend Themselves. You are their voice.
    WE ARE THEIR VOICE — both places and animals.

    1. destroying protection for Endangered animals is not only cruel but effects the Balance of Nature. Please reverse your decisions.

    2. Well said!. If this Zinke does not make changes and begin to protect the wolves – I will hope that there is re-incarnation and he comes back as one to experience the magnitude of his inhuman, insensitive and bordering on criminal actions

  23. I’m physically sick and morally disgusted with what Donald Trump is doing to our country by making sick , cruel murderous people like Zinke in charge if our country land and animals and birds. I hope he doesn’t own any pets or animals for someone should take them away from him based on his opinion of killing for fun and calling it hunting. I wish I could protect the baby bears and wolf pups from the murderous killers. I hope that somehow we can change what is going to happening if Zinke stays in charge. Trump is a ignorant city boy who grow up on asphalt and concrete…what does he know of a cool creek flowing under pines in june while a mother bear teaches her cubs about water. I do because i quietly watched….they were almost human, those three cubs and their mom in the creek. A bear to Trump is in a concrete pen at a zoo. What a shame he shows his ignorance be placing people like Zinke in charge. God help us all.

  24. These nonhuman animals are far more important to this earth than the human animal is. We, in fact, are the only animal stupid enough to destroy the very planet we all depend on for life. We pollute the water ways, the land and the air with our so called progress. We destroy the eco system this planet that has been in place for millions of years. We kill the wildlife that is the eco system and now we are going to kill the Mothers and Babies of the wolves and bears in their sleeping dens, not only are we monsters we are very, very stupid. Each and everyone of the nonhuman animals are an important part of the balance of nature, everyone we decimate we push ours selves closer to the brink of disaster. There is a reason for the diversity of life, everything fits together in a tight knit weave and has kept this beautiful place running smoothly. In the short time the human animals has been here we have eradicated hundreds of species both plant and nonhuman animal. Now we are trying to find another planet to move to because the scientists say this one is in real trouble!!!! Best we try to figure out how to fix this one because we may not be able to exist somewhere else. We need to grow up, wake up and realize that the human animal is a stupid fragile animal that has much to learn!

  25. Wolves are a necessary cog in the food chain of nature. By bending to the whims of the gluttanous
    hunting lobby, we are not only blaming an innocent species for the predation of the hunting population, but are setting the game species up for a big fall, by increasing their numbers artificially and overwhelming the carrying capacity of their habitat. Hunters and ranchers are not willing to try and mediate the situation rationally and insist on “getting their way” like spoiled little children. Shame on government for cow-towing to these bullies!

    1. Eugene, excellent comment. Wish someone would read and understand what he read. Then do something about it.

  26. Sometime people that seem to love dogs, are closet animal haters. Like the gay bashing politician caught in a homosexual affair. I think we have a closet animal hater here.

  27. Keep wolves listed. De-list #TrumpTheFascist, his family and his regime of the worst of the worst. In fact declare open season on them.

    1. all creatures of GOD need to be special, from the big ones to the little ones….including humans

    2. please keep wolves listed ! They are not just vital to our ecosytem in the chain of life to which we are a part of as humans, they are also cannines, relatives of our pet dogs. They are sentient beings that are essential to the circle of life in its sustainment. no man has the right to play god and wipe the chain of life off the planet because he/ she likes hunting and wants the land for business .Without realising that thier business will be of no use if they continue to kill kill kill!

  28. Why is so hard to see that the dog came from the wolf… In some cases you cannot tell them apart! How would wolf haters like it if dogs were hunted and killed just like the wolf is ? Zinke you need to keep the wolves listed. They are loved by many people and far to many senseless killing of these animals are murdered merciless all because ranchers hate them and hunters like to eradicate them off the planet. The wolves play a major part in our environment whether or not you believe it.

  29. Having taken care of wolves at a zoo, we had them and raised them from infants, Coyotes too and endangered red wolves too, what would you like in return for rescuing wildlife instead of causing extinction? What would it take how can we as animal care professionals help?

  30. I am asking you to protect all Animals especially the Wolves they are such beautiful creatures, and are connected to dogs through history. All creatures have a right to live safely and happily on this Earth (our Planet), it is not exclusively man kinds Planet.

  31. Dear Secretary Zinke. You had everyone bring their dogs to work . I am impressed . That shows that you have a heart . Please save the wolves and the bears in the country.stop the puppy mills. Have you ever seen one? Would you like to see those savage hunters go into the dens and kill baby wolves and bears and hurt other animals? I don’t think so. You were a navy seal and I know a few of them as well as reservists.they are kind and compassionate toward. So please help them

  32. Wolves are a very vital part of our ecosystem. They keep a balance that we are dead set on destroying by destroying all life with our toxins, our constant and irresponsible development of the little bit of land in which wolves live and all around us. Wolves need to be protected and respected. In fact, they probably have a better, more caring social structure than many countries in this world.

    1. Secretary Zinke I’m asking you to keep the protected status for all wolves. Please don’t be
      sold out by lobbyist,and politicians who care nothing about animal welfare. Please allow
      your conscience to see that these animals are a vital part of the ecosystem.

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