May 3

#DoggyDay at Interior

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has pursued the same anti-wildlife goals he exhibited in his short time in Congress by using his two months as Interior Secretary to support the killing of hibernating bears in Alaska and rescind a rule that saves eagles and California condors from lead poisoning. 

With that dismal track record, he needed some positive press. To that end, Secretary Zinke is letting employees at the Department of Interior bring their dogs to work on two Fridays over the next several months. And, of course, he’s taking to Twitter to talk about it

If Secretary Zinke wants to celebrate dogs, he should first do his job and safeguard their ancestors. His Department of Interior is still pursuing a nationwide slashing of protections for gray wolves and is quietly walking away from efforts to recover the most endangered canid in the country, the red wolf. 

Tweet Secretary Zinke your #DoggyDay photo or right-click to save the image above ask him to look after wolves with the same commitment he has brought to bringing employees’ dogs to work (on two Fridays, months apart) at Interior.  

Go to and upload your favorite dog photo to attach to the tweet (instructions).

Write a tweet using @SecretaryZinke and #DoggyDay. Here are a few tweets you could copy and paste and add your dog photo to or click to tweet to tweet with the above image attached: 

[bctt tweet=”@SecretaryZinke Wolves and dogs are 98.8% identical. Please #keepwolveslisted. #DoggyDay” url=”no” via=”no”] [bctt tweet=”@SecretaryZinke Love your dog? Thank a wolf and keep them protected under the #EndangeredSpeciesAct. #DoggyDay” url=”no” via=”no”] 

[bctt tweet=”I support and protect my dog. @SecretaryZinke should do the same for our wolves and #keepwolveslisted. #DoggyDay” url=”no” via=”no”] [bctt tweet=”@SecretaryZinke Please celebrate all canines on #DoggyDay and withdraw the nationwide delisting of gray wolves:” url=”no” via=”no”]

Don’t tweet? Reply to Secretary Zinke’s Facebook post or send his office an email asking him to celebrate all canines by withdrawing the nationwide delisting of gray wolves and working to recover red wolves.


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