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6 comments on “Last Stand of the Orangutan: The Power is in Your Palm

  1. What are you people doing….and why? Palm oil is more important than innocent animals lives? I’m sickened by what all of you are doing to these iconic, intelligent animals. It has to stop. Are you capable of caring about other living creatures? If you’re not, a lot of other people do. The reason? We have hearts and we don’t want these wonderful animals to die, suffer or go extinct. Please…..stop the deforestation. We will never use Palm oil.

  2. The conflict of palm oil is definite controversy. A way to appease both sides, and encourage actions that would help the human and animal life, would be responsible, sustainable replanting and monitored harvesting. we would aim for a point when natural resources remain untouched and the farmed is the only section that is utilized by industry. In effect, the plethora of wildlife would have a habitat potentially a protected one, and humans can still use the products they know and love. Investment now pays in the future. The environmental and economic areas alone would be a tremendous addition to the world. If perhaps bottom line is your answer. Think of the potential of clients when you cater to the natural human nature to nurture and protect. Make your product sustainable and, generally, people will want to buy your products.

  3. Were do I get a list of foods and all company’s that are still using palm oils,and addresses of this company’s,maybe you might know, thank you .. JK.

  4. Palm oil has not always been an ingredient on peanut butter. Why have manufacturers moved in this direction?? I have always read labels to avoid hydrogenated oils, only recently am I seeing this product more widely used in many foods and cosmetics??

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