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8 comments on “Is a Wolf Stamp the Solution in Montana?

  1. NO! There was a wolf killed illegally in the state yesterday that came from Oregon. Until Montana can stop things like this from happening I won’t give them a cent.

    1. Stephanie I live in Montana and work for a wolf say that is out of sight..
      We are trying to change the flow of water in the stream..and you sound like you are having a think your thoughts.

  2. @Stephanie, that’s like saying until the fire department can prevent fires, you refuse to pay taxes that support the fire department. Ironically, yesterdays tragic poaching incident emphasizes the need for more funding for wildlife game wardens, which the wolf stamp would provide.

  3. No, this is like me saying I won’t pay for some other city’s fire department in some other state because its residents won’t put out their own fires. Will every red state now be offering these stamps do pay for things most normal states can budget for?

  4. Wildlife management departments should represent everyone without being bribed! Montana’s FWP bends over backwards to please hunters and ranchers because they expect to be paid by them. That’s what I’d call corruption and paying to be part of it only encourages Montana and other states to continue doing the same old corrupt thing.

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