Vote for Endangered Species

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This election could be the most important in recent history for endangered and threatened species. The outcome of local, state, and federal elections will decide whether policies and legislation that help to recover species that are imperiled by climate change, habitat loss, over-exploitation, and other causes are enacted or if we will see more attacks on wildlife.

Please vote. Find out where to vote and what issues are on your ballot at Important ballot initiatives are on the ballot, including one in Montana that would ban trapping on public landsand another in Colorado that could make citizen initiatives that protect wildlife like that in Montana much more difficult. Another could make California a leader in fighting plastic pollution.

After you vote, share this on Facebook or Twitter to tell your friends that you are an endangered species voter! 

<a href="">I am an endangered species voter!</a>
I am an endangered species voter!


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8 comments on “Vote for Endangered Species

  1. Let’s start the new presidency by being good stewards. Hold government accountable by We, the People!!!!!!!!

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