Happy Howl-o-Ween!

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This Halloween could be especially scary for wolves in the United States. Some members of Congress are working to kick still-recovering wolves off of the endangered species list and subject them to hunting and trapping. We have seen what follows in states where wolves have been delisted. Packs are torn apart, young wolves are left to fend for themselves, and an American icon is needlessly persecuted. 

You can be a voice for wolves tonight if you are participating in Halloween:

  • If you’re handing treats out at the door, please print a few of these and hand them out.
  • If you’re going trick-or-treating, please print some of these and hand them out as you receive treats.
Use this as your social media avatar for Halloween!
Use this as your social media avatar for Halloween!

You can also download this Howl-o-Ween graphic to use as a social media avatar for the day.

Happy Howl-o-Ween!

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