This Giving Tuesday comes at a deciding moment for gray wolves around the country. Multiple bills under consideration by Congress would slash protections in Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wyoming. One bill even calls for a nationwide delisting.

Wolves need these protections. In states that have seen Endangered Species Act protections lifted, sport hunting and trapping seasons have been set and packs have been torn apart. Wisconsin represents what could be the worst-case scenario for wolves, should they lose protections. 

Wisconsin represents what could be the worst-case scenario for wolves, should they lose protections. Before a judge ordered that USFWS return them to the endangered species list in 2014, wolves in this state were subject to some of the most aggressive and alarming methods imaginable. Sport hunting and trapping rapidly pushed the state’s population to alarming lows, and the state drew wide condemnation for allowing the use of hunting dogs in its wolf hunts.  If Congress succeeds in legislatively delisting wolves in these states, these practices could return.

The Endangered Species Coalition works on the ground, organizing activists of all levels to speak out against these harmful legislative attacks and in favor of sound conservation. We have staff in critical regions around the U.S. to organize and mobilize in support of endangered and threatened species and the Endangered Species Act.

Please consider donating today to support this work into 2017. 


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