The Disappearing Sea-ice Habitat of the Arctic

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2 comments on “The Disappearing Sea-ice Habitat of the Arctic

  1. My comment is: I have been interested in climate change and its results for approximately 12 years. I have studied the attitudes of the media and politicians over this period and have not seen anything to mindfully ignorant about the problem. I am now writing up the results of my research. I hope, seriously the world can see an increase of understanding by all the policy makers of ‘WHAT SHOULD WE DO”. Thanks to the scientists who spend a lot a time working on this problem.

  2. I shared this with my small audience on FB and I thank you all for this information so that the word can be spread. I wish I had money to donate to fix this essential problem because it’s as if we’re watching Vesuvius erupting in slo-mo and “the powers that are” are doing the same and don’t care enough about future generations to do something mindful to fix the problem–and that’s only IF we can fix it at this late point!

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