The conclusion remains: the Lower Snake River Dams have to be breached.

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  1. Attempting to build a fish ladder in Lincoln, California has taken over eight years (Hemphill Dam in Auburn Ravine) and to this day nothing has been done other than squandering more money for unneeded research. I’m sure that our supposed government, and the utility companies that control our lives, will finally get it in the next 200 years or so. By then our grandchildren will read about the magnificent salmon runs that once upon a time inhabited our creeks, rivers and streams in the Pacific Northwest. Shame on us!!!

    1. Breaching the lower Snake River Dams to increase Snake River salmon survival is a hoax. Extant research has shown that juvenile salmon survival past the four dams is 95 to 98 percent per dam. Adult spring chinook and steelhead from Ice Harbor Dam to spawning grounds in Idaho exceeded 99 percent per dam. Eighty five percent of fall chinook habitat and about two thirds of spawning habitat for spring/summer chinook and steelhead was lost to other dams upstream. Breaching the lower Snake River dams, which are in the migration corridor for the salmon and steelhead, is not the answer. Restoring access to historic spawning grounds is the answer. Safe passage through the lower Snake River is already assured.

  2. I believe this article agrees with my opinion in of the matter completely. In short, no more talking , no more studies, no more bad stewardship and no more bullshit, breach all those offending obstacles NOW!

  3. Contact the International dark sky organization.
    Turning out unnecessary street lighting should provide enough of a load reduction to allow for the removal of five such dams.
    Remember, each street light takes a kilowatt to light up. 70percent of all this light is wasted. It goes into space. Read what these astronomers and scientists have to say. GOOD WORK, KEEP AT IT.

  4. There isn’t the need for all these dams since the hey day of dam building. We now have alternatives to clean energy. Hydro power is only clean when it’s efficiency is not compromised by methane emissions

  5. I support the Nimiipuu Protecting the Environment. We need their voices. This is do crucial. The salmon & steelhead need the voices of the NPtE. This is a non-profit group that will protect the environment. Advocacy is important.

  6. The lower four snake river dams must be breached to save wild salmon and the southern resident orcas from extinction. These dams are killing salmon and have destroyed ecosystems and indigenous livelihoods and culture.
    It’s time to breach these dams in 2020!

  7. One interesting reference to look at is a Professional Paper by Dr. D Chapman which was published in 1986; titled ‘Salmon and Steelhead Abundance in the Columbia River in the Nineteenth Century.’
    This paper contains a Figure #1 which shows the ‘Total Catches of Chinook Salmon in the Columbia River, 1868-1966.’
    The Figure #1 shows that the ‘Maximum Catch’ was approximately 20 Million Kilograms and occurred in 1883. By 1960, the ‘Annual Catch’ had decreased to approximately 2 Million Kilograms; which is only ten (10) percent of the Maximum Catch.
    This significant decrease in the annual catch occurred before the Four Lower Snake River Projects came on line; so they could not have contributed to this significant decrease in catch.
    Perhaps Over-Fishing is the real culprit here? Perhaps other factors enter in as well?

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