Take action to protect people and animals from USDA’s wildlife-killing cyanide devices left on public lands

A little-known USDA agency called Wildlife Services is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of animals every year. They even leave cyanide devices unattended in their pursuit of wildlife.

USDA’s Wildlife Services uses chemical poisons known as M-44 sodium “cyanide bombs” to kill foxes, coyotes, and other wildlife–on our public lands. In addition to the animals that they are seeking to kill, family pets and endangered species are put at risk by these indiscriminate practices and devices. Congress needs to stop them.

This legislation would outlaw the use of M-44 sodium “cyanide bombs” on our country’s public lands. These indiscriminate devices spray sodium cyanide into the mouths of any animals that trigger them.

In 2017, Canyon Mansfield (14 years old at the time) was near his family’s home in Idaho with his dog, Kasey when he accidentally triggered an M-44 “cyanide bomb” left by USDA Wildlife Services. He was sprayed with cyanide and suffered serious injuries requiring hospitalization. His dog, Kasey, suffered an excruciating death.

There is no justification for our government’s continued use of these devices–especially on our shared public lands that are used by millions of people for recreation–when safer and more effective and cost-efficient solutions are readily available.

Please ask Congress to do what USDA Wildlife Services has failed to do and ban the use of these horrific devices which threaten human and animal health and safety.

Stay Informed!

6 comments on “Take action to protect people and animals from USDA’s wildlife-killing cyanide devices left on public lands

  1. Please DO NOT allow these destructive and harmful things on our lands. We need to protect wildlife and biodiversity!

  2. M-44’s have no place in our society and need to be permanently outlawed.

    I actually spoke with Canyon’s father roughly 2 years ago. Fortunately, Canyon is doing much better now

    One of the things I found interesting when conducting my research was that every component of a M-44 is produced here in the USA. Because of this, they have used the excuse of jobs lost if the practice discontinued.

    I say “ask the public”. Inform the public about M-44’s and let them decide. Most people don’t know anything about them and I highly doubt they’d be more concerned with a few jobs than the safety of their children.

  3. Biden & his witch Deb Haaland are responisble for the murder of thousnad of innocent animals…this should be stopped immediately…

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