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6 comments on “Red Wolf Recovery at Critical Junction

  1. With so few red wolves still in the wild, it is critical that the remaining few be protected and preserved. The red wolf recovery program is tremendously important to their continued survival and it must be kept in place. As well, the hunting of coyotes should be outlawed.

  2. Not only does the Red Wolf Recovery program benefit these beautiful and critically endangered animals – the program has gained us new knowledge in protecting, monitoring and releasing others! This program is successful on more than one front and would be a terrible disservice to abandon it. We are in a time when far too many creatures are becoming endangered – please continue to protect our red wolves.

  3. This is a very important recovery program, and must be kept at all costs. These beautiful animals deserve this, it is the least we humans can do as we are the ones who have got them to the endangered level.

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