Protecting pollinators and monarchs made more urgent by Trump Admin inaction

The Trump Administration announced this week that Monarch butterfly protections under the Endangered Species Act are warranted but precluded. This means that there is need for protections but that no action would be taken in the immediate future.

This inaction will not help struggling monarch populations and necessitates efforts to conserve their food sources and habitats.

The Endangered Species Coalition’s Pollinator Protectors project emphasizes the use of native milkweed and native nectaring plants for planting projects across the United States. We focus on partnering with local native plant nurseries to source plant materials providing the greatest benefit to Monarchs and other pollinators. One native plant nursery, Draggin’ Wing High Desert Nursery in Boise Idaho, has partnered with ESC since 2016 to provide plant material for habitat restoration at water catchment sites managed by the Ada County Highway District.

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1 comment on “Protecting pollinators and monarchs made more urgent by Trump Admin inaction

  1. Why not let owners, who have some extra land that love pollinator and wild or planted flowers or have some open unworked land be registered with state as the new type of protector taking the place of the State with some rules made by them…The owner registers with a sign by the wildlife division made for the owner to put on their land saying under rules of the wild life conservation with respected recognition… and Owner listed on the sign saying : We care for all that makes a home on our property year round or until it moves away or leaves for winter priorities and state gives us the under their rules permission and recognition for that Important caring initiative! something similar like Monarch watch does or National Wildlife Federation, Pollinator. net does and the owner then is the protector. You care for the land and that which moves in for pollinating and what ever, You would also have to join one of the associations that are conservation helper like one that is listed above being a conservationist of a new kind for that state, helping save money and being the guard for wildlife like monarch butterflies and bumble bees or what ever passes or passes on your land! Our land is protected by laws of no trespassing and other land laws, so why not take it one step more for the land owner being a excetra hand for the protection of listed or ones that can be protected, but now are not because of more prioritized wildlife excetra! I believe our President would find this a heart felt conservational effort worth looking at as long owners keep with rules keeping the land wild or putting in plants that would help wild life and not adding other stuff that would cause harm or damage or being illegal

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