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5 comments on “USFWS: Protect Wisconsin’s wolves

  1. You MUST Realise these wolves are being driven to the point of excistance.!!!.. Its your job.!! PLEASE,Please stop this mass slaughter.. they cant take any more.. & in truth.. the people wont stand for it much longer.. All across face book.. you will see there is a much larger majority against this.. its about time you listened to the people & what they want.. instead of listening to jumped up upstarts just beacvuse they have money & power… Remember your reputation is at stake & so far you are well beyond losing the peoples confidence in you.. simple as really. Please stop burying your head in the sand..becvause thats what 85% of the piublic,its people belive you do.. inc me.!

  2. Ban the wolf hunt! Protect the wolves and listen to science. Stop driving these wolves to extinction….again!!

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